Iris Flower Arrangements {Trade Secrets is coming!}

Iris-in-the-LibraryIris-Flower-ArrangementI absolutely love Iris of any kind. White, purple or Siberian or Bearded Iris – it doesn’t matter to me – I adore them. I’m sure you know this by now, but I always feel like I get more bang for my buck when I use a whole bunch of the same type of flower in my flower arrangements – especially when I pick up flowers from the grocery store, like I did with these ones. I had 5 bunches (of 10 stems each) that I split amongst two large arrangements for the kitchen and the Iris-in-the-kitchenIris-Flower-ArrangementI’m gearing up to attend Northwest Connecticut’s garden event of the year. This coming weekend is the Trade Secrets Rare Plants and Garden Antiques Sale and Garden Tours. I always find the weekend quite inspirational, but the garden tours often leave me longing for a winning lotto ticket and a legitimate landscaping budget. This year will be extra tough being that I am looking at leaving our pretty garden in Connecticut behind, and staring down a disaster of a yard in the Palisades.Iris-FlowersI did okay at The Country House – chipping away at a project or two each Spring and Summer. I am becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the garden (or lack there of!) at the New Old Stone House. It is pretty clear that no one touched it for years. There were a handful of Daffodils early this Spring, and now random Peony plants, Stock, Lily of the Valley and Bleeding Hearts are popping through the grass and pachysandra – but there is absolutely no organization to the garden – and there is a TON of poison ivy and onion grass.  I’d like to save and reuse as much of the plantings as I can, but whenever I spend time meditating on the garden it feels like it would be better to take a back hoe to all of it and start from square one! Little by little, right?Nathaniel-Mather-PaintingI’ll post photos to my instagram on Saturday and Sunday during the Trade Secrets show – keep your eyes peeled to #TradeSecretsCT and #TradeSecretsGardenTour for inspiration!