{40th Birthday} BLT Sandwiches


As you know, I eat a BLT once a year – just when tomatoes are at their peak. (This set of tips on getting the freshest flavor out of tomatoes on Food 52 couldn’t have come along at a better time!) I tend to get quite particular about my ingredients, so I don’t want to eat a BLT when the tomatoes are just ho-hum, you know? I want them at the height of the season, or I don’t want un-cooked tomatoes at all.

I typically make and eat BLT sandwiches for my birthday lunch, but this year we’ll be traveling…to Montreal! At the end of the day I’m not confident I’ll find my kind of Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on my actual day this year. But we shouldn’t skip traveling on the account of in season tomatoes! I want to mark the occasion of turning 40 somehow other than going out to a nice dinner, you know?

** I am starting with a homemade BLT brunch tomorrow and am have decided to throw a birthday BLT luncheon the first week of September when we return from Montreal! **