Summer Flowers {On The Move Again!}

Summer-Flower-ArrangementsFace-JugLocal-Seasonal-FlowersWow, just wow. This has been the most wonderful Summer for weather! The temps have been maxing out in the high 70s and it’s been getting super chilly at night. We never even put the air conditioner in the master bedroom window. I don’t think we will, as I already spotted trees last week that were starting to turn Autumn colors!Sunflowers-in-Bloom-and-First-Glimpse-of-Fall-ColorMilestones-in-Life-ABCDdesigns-on-InstagramWe have not had very many house guests this Summer – which is a shame, really. It is not for the lack of invitations going out. It just seems many are busy with new babies, jobs, and commitments in the City. Last Summer we were lucky to have many friends and family pass through on Summer trips from far off places. This year, it was much less so.Fortuny-Fireside-Chair-Black-Walls-White-Glossy-FloorsSeasonal-Flowers-decorate-the-libraryPeach-is-the-new-blackOver the last few weeks, I’ve been working with our realtor to shoot a listing video and get the photos pulled together for the sale of The Country House. I think the real estate listing should be live by the end of the week – this is happening! And for those of you who follow my instagram, you might have noticed we have taking the virtual real estate hunting to the IRL - in real life - variety. Operation ‘Consolidating Residences’ has commenced! (The #ABCDJewelBox closes next Tuesday, we’ll get rid of the Brooklyn Heights rental, sell The Country House – and live in ONE place – HOORAY!)sandstone-house