{Treasure Hunting} Antique Step Stool Convertible Chair

Once I was finished decorating The Country House I made a conscious effort to admire neat finds out in the field, but not necessarily bring them home from my treasure hunting expeditions. People who love the act of “the find” totally get how easy it is to cross the line. If I continued at my house decorating pace – I might have needed to open a junk shop of my very own! When you have right about 2000 sq ft, there are only so many walls to hang art on, collections to build, shelves to display things on, and floor space to arrange furniture in. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule. I was out “hunting” recently and stumbled onto this 100 year old Chair – um, errr…I mean – Step Stool. Wait, what?!

Antique-Step-Stool-Convertible-ChairVintage-Chair-Converts-to-step-stool100-year-old-step-stoolChair-next-to-Russian-PaintingWhy did you take photos of it in the staircase, you ask? Funnily enough, the day I found this I texted a photo of my new treasure to my mom. A few minutes later she wrote back “I think you have a painting of that chair hanging in the steps…” Why yes, yes I do! I have always said that painting looks a LOT like the Mister. I wonder if I could get a photo of him sitting in the new old chair? HA!