Interesting Reads {Link Love}


Remember when I posed the question: is Pinterest the new Blogging? Well, I take it back. I recently noticed that every time I logged into Pinterest my stream was full of ugly photos from boards I wasn’t following. After I investigated further, I realized they were “picked especially for you” by Pinterest. WOOF. I tweeted several times looking for answers from my online friends -or- for a tweet back from Pinterest that would explain what was happening. I got nothing. Over the weekend I read this article: Pinterest Feed Changes. It shed some light on the topic as well as gave tips for seeing more of what you want on Pinterest – at least for the time being. It was also confirmed that these algorithm and ‘picked for you’ changes are fueled by monetization, go figure.


Yesterday I opened a link to a group on G+ to find it looked more like an old fashioned internet chat room. I was completely confused and thought it had something to do with the half of a foot of snow falling in Brooklyn Heights on March 1st. (Looks like it is “In like a lion and out like a lamb” this year!) I let it be until this morning when I read an article on Facebook which explains the demise of G+ as we know it. I kind of knew it was only a matter of time before something had to give. All I can say is thank goodness! I have always felt it was difficult to keep up and do all these social media channels as well as I would like.


My weekend reading also included this article that says: most design brands will disappear within the next five years. That is food for thought, no? This is especially interesting for those of you who are working in interior design and making a mark up on product. If this is indeed the wave of the future – maybe it’s time to investigate a transparent cost plus business model, or go completely in-house with completely custom, self-branded product – available only though you? (Just thinking out loud here.)


All three of these articles point to the idea that your website is King – cultivate, create and share your product, ideas, inspiration and posts on your website. Ultimately, it is the only space on the internet that you have complete control over. And last but not least – for those of you who could give a rip about social media/changes to business because of the internet – try this Easy Peanut Butter + Banana Pie RecipeYou’re welcome.