Late Summer Flower Arrangements {Off to Brimfield Flea!}

Chelsea-Gray-by-Benjamin-MooreLate-Summer-Flower-ArrangementsSummer finally arrived in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. It is H-U-M-I-D! The dress I washed and hung to dry late last week is still damp. I am sure it will be short lived, but I must admit several times this weekend I thought about schlepping the window air conditioner up from the barn to place it in our bedroom window. In addition to Labor Day, it was also my Birthday. (You bet we had Heirloom Tomato, Organic Bacon and Lettuce sandwiches again! That is one Birthday tradition I won’t let die.)Fireplace-Room-Studyzinnia-and-snapdragonI am so very happy I stumbled upon the Sol Organic Flower Farm this Summer. They have done wonders for improving the variety of flowers available to us in NWCT by selling their beautiful bunches at most of the local markets in our neck of the woods. They also have a farm stand in Upstate New York. (It’s just over the Connecticut border a few miles from The Country House!) I cruised over there late last week and picked up two pints of raspberries that I promptly baked into whole wheat muffins, heirloom tomatoes for the BLTs, and a handful of nectarines that we ate like juicy apples – everything was bursting with ripe Summer flavor. What a treat!Chalk-Board-Paint-Sunflowers-and-GladiolusABCD-Design-BathroomI am off to Brimfield Flea today for the first time in over two years. I am not sure if I shared this little tidbit before, but on that last visit I found bed bugs in not one but two different hotel rooms – in TWO different hotels! My clothing lived in the barn freezer for over a year upon my return. My anxiety about what I may find (not of the antique variety in the fields) but in my room is completely off the charts. I suppose I could drive home to Connecticut each night, but I’d certainly rather not. Ah, the lengths I’ll go to for a good vintage find…wish me luck!Screened-in-PorchGladiolusAbingdon-Putty-and-Georgia-BrickBrimfield-Flea