Rise of the Super Pantry {The Best Butler Pantry a Girl Could Ask For}

The-Ultimate-Butlers-PantryRise-of-the-Super-PantryFrom the moment we walked into the new old stone house, there was one thing that was apparent. The kitchen wasn’t going to do…for ANYONE! It would not even work for a non-cook, cook. There wasn’t a refrigerator! (Or a dishwasher.) It’s got a jagged, horrible shape with many un-necessary doorways. They’ve managed to create a terrible flow. There also happens to be a built-in wood diner booth across from the range that makes you wonder: why on God’s green earth did they go to all the trouble to make it an eat-in kitchen when there isn’t even a refrigerator?Best-Butler-Pantry-A-Girl-Could-Ever-WantWhat we have is a galley style kitchen leading to a small utility room that holds a super narrow staircase. The steps lead to the tiny ensuite maid’s room above the kitchen. It’s pretty clear to me that the first time around they didn’t build out the kitchen for the lady of the house, but for the maid. The “updated” 2005 renovation is a total Home Depot special for folks who eat out and never bring home a doggy bag. (The builder grade honey cabinets with coordinating black and tan granite are fine, but I still want to know: where is the refrigerator? And WHO designed this place?!)Its-all-in-the-detailsAs it stands, it is definitely not my kind of kitchen. However, from the second I stood in that space, I knew it could be the BEST Butler’s Pantry this girl could ever ask for. I’ve said this before, but with the maiden name ‘Cupp’ my china collection started at a very young age. And for those of you who may be new to the ABCD sketch book, you should know I arrived at our marriage with multiple sets of china. We proceeded to register for two when we were engaged. I’ve also inherited two sets since we’ve been married. Butler-Pantry-DreamsNeedless to say, there is a TON of china in our household – but I love it! I have always been one for switching out linens and dishes dependent upon what food I am serving. I get immense pleasure from coordinating the linens, candlesticks, tablewear and flowers and adding to the ambience during a meal. Presentation is a huge part of cooking. I honestly think a beautiful atmosphere makes food taste better.House-Beautiful-Kitchen-of-the-Year-2013Stock-Vintage-NYC-in-BrimfieldFrom the get-go, we knew something should change about the set-up of the kitchen. Providing a dreamy pantry for china storage and flower arranging – that would seal the deal on the house! I currently have overflow china in both the laundry room/pantry as well as out in our barn. It’s a rare occasion that I am drawn to transporting dishes from the barn just to set the table for a meal. (After taking them outside, I often feel the need to wash them before use which adds to the burden of their location. It’s just not practical!) Plenty of in-the-house storage was a key component of what I was looking for in our next home.Old-School-Butler-PantryGlass-Front-Butler's-Pantry-CabinetsThis past Friday I opened up Mansion to read “Rise of the Super Pantry” which made me feel pretty good about our decision to create this sort of space in our New Old Stone House. Once we close, our home renovation decisions have to be made pretty much off the bat. Our timeline is quick because the sooner we are done paying rent in Brooklyn Heights, the better! Rise-of-the-Super-PantryDream-Pantry-Check-ListP.S. I have been pinning inspiration like crazy to my Old Stone House and Kitchen Design boards. (That is where all these inspiration photos are from.) Check them out -or my other pinterest boards for that matter- if you want to see what I am ruminating on before I have the chance to write a sketch book post about it!Follow-ABCDdesigns-on-Pinterest