Weekend Blog *Discovery*

There are so many lovely images to be seen in the blogisphere (is that a word?!?) every single day. I can’t believe I did not stumble onto these inspirational places at an earlier date. The interior design image below comes from this pretty interior design post. Oh, how I love colorful books in white bookcases and I adore the mix of old and new – perfecto!

automasim While you’re over at Automasim poke around and take a peek at her other blog posts. I am pretty sure you’ll like what you see. I know I will be back to Automasim – over and over and over again!

Next, hop over to the Plush Palate. Crystal and I “follow” one another on Twitter – but embarrassingly enough – I have never stopped in at her blog. The other day she caught my eye with a tweet about white spaces, I clicked over … and well … I am hooked! Check out these lovely rooms:

Plush Palate
Now, for the very best part … The Plush Palate has launched a Plush Side Project! All white, oh-so-dreamy rooms.

ABCD Update: Fall has totally hit Northern Michigan with temps topping out at 65 degrees. I am loving it – the only bummer is that I only have summer clothes with me here. *Remember* everything we own is in storage, somewhere in the Bronx! Gaaack. We TOTALLY THOUGHT we’d be set with a plan by this point! As part of this weekend, Mr. D and will be looking at a bit of real estate. Fact is, we were lucky to sell our NYC apartment when we did. The two of us love it up here so very much, and the second home market here in Northern Michigan is absolutely crushed. The real estate here is reaching lows we have not seen in our lifetimes. If Mr. D ends up going to school come January, we’ll have a place to go hang out during “Summer” vacation. If we end up doing something else, we’d still have a place to take golfing/skiing vacations and a spot to stay when we want to see my family at holidays. The rest of the time we can rent it out to weekenders. If it is purchased “right” it may prove to be a very good investment. Nothing is set in stone yet, we’re just checking our options out. Sure would be fun for me to have a new personal design project!

Okay that’s the update – If you’re looking for a yummy new salmon recipe, pop by EADL. I posted it this morning. Don’t forget to try this delicious “Sunday Brunch” recipe, remember to start it on Saturday afternoon to make things easier in the a.m. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend ~ see you Monday!