Wedding Registry – Kitchen Wish List

When setting up your kitchen most registries will say you need 1 pyrex liquid measuring cup, 1 set of dry measuring cups, and 1 set of measuring spoons. If you plan on actually cooking in your kitchen – and by this I mean really and truly in an completely efficient way – I have a different viewpoint.
Pyrex Liquid Measuring Cups

You’ll be shocked how often you need two of a certain size wet measurer while cooking one meal. Instead of stopping in the middle of food preparation *after finding that sweet and savory ingredients from different dishes don’t mix* to wash the cup, or realizing that you were so good at cleaning up after yourself “as you go” that your cup has already made it into the running dishwasher…Get my point? If you want to feel like cooking is effortless, have two one-cup pyrex and two two-cup pyrex measuring cups on hand. It will help you move through recipe and meal preparation like a pro.

Nigella Lawson Measuring Spoons
I say I don’t care what shape measuring spoon you get, but I do have a preference. Here is the deal: When you pour the spice out of the jar into the spoon you’ll often have overage of the spice. If you’re like me, the overage will go all over the counter. You’ll be wasting your expensive spices. You could put a small clean dish below as you pour, but you’ll have to then have to get the overage back into the jar. Never, never ever measure dry spices over the dish you are preparing. That is asking for a cooking disaster! If you have narrow shaped measuring spoons, they’ll easily fit into your spice jar solving all the troubles in the spice measuring world. *winkwink*
So there you go – 2 one cup liquid, 2 two cup liquid, 2 sets of measuring spoons, one set of dry measuring cups. That’s my take on what measuring tools you’ll need in your efficient kitchen.