The Hip Hostess {Late Breaking NEWS!}

via Design Crush Blog
I have to admit, my heart sunk a little when I read this post about the ABCD Design 2nd Blog-i-versary giveaway with The Hip Hostess. This was only my second giveaway on ABCD Design and I did not realize that there might be other Hip Hostess Giveaways happening  elsewhere on the web. Turns out that Debbie won TWO Hip Hostess aprons in one week – Oye! Can you believe the sheer coincidence? We are still sending the apron and tea towel set to the rightful winner.
The Hip Hostess for the Holidays
Both The Hip Hostess and I agree that we should offer up yet another set to someone who didn’t already win. Because, it’s really the only fair thing to do. To us, there is a person who entered our giveaway that stands out amongst the rest.
Vitania WINS too!Check out the decor blog here, and the nesting blog here. You’ll see why we think that Vitania will wear her Hip Hostess Gear the way it’s meant to be worn! Congratulations Vitania. Thanks again to everyone who entered to win this giveaway.