Koeze Brand {fabu find!}

Peanut Butter on Whole Grain Toast via Real SimpleMore specifically, I like roasted and salted peanut butter without sugar added on whole grain toast. If you love peanut butter the way that I do, you know how hard it is to find this combination. Rarely will you find roasted, salted sugar free peanut butter at the market. Most often, the only salted peanut butter available will also packed with sugar. Believe me, I have spent hours of my life in the nut butter aisle reading the ingredient labels.
Koeze in Creamy or CrunchyKoeze Peanut ButterI first *found* Koeze at Dean and Deluca. Roasted, salted – and no sugar added! Now that I don’t live in Soho any longer I went in search of a local vendor. Guess what? You can buy it directly from them, online in creamy, crunchy, by the case and in organic varieties. Hooray!
Sweet Ella's Organic Peanut Butter
Over the summer, I discovered the Koeze Cream-Nut Clusters at a specialty market in Northern Michigan. The dark chocolate is my favorite. Let me tell you … they’re incredible. It’s like indulging in a grown-up peanut butter cup.
Cream Nut Clusters in Dark or Milk Chocolate
P.S. For a limited time, Koeze has Clusters all-dressed-up for the Holidays. Enjoy!