cheap + cheery Valentines Day flower arrangement {How To}

I have a nice selection of glass cubes and fish-bowl globes from my days in floral design school, but you can pick them up at Jamali Garden for a song. (I’m talking a few bucks a piece.) You’ll want a 6×5 glass globe and some polished stones. Don’t be shocked, the stones cost quite a bit. However, they are reusable so you will have them from here on out for flower arrangements in the future.
Since Valentines is right around the corner and you might not have the pleasure of time to order from Jamali – you could ask your florist to sell you a 6×5 glass fish-bowl. It’s the sort of thing most florists keep in stock. Also ask your florist for a single “blown open” rose with bear grass greenery.

It’s all quite easy to put together. Place the some stones in the glass globe first. You’ll have to eyeball it since they vary in size. Then add a swirl of Bear Grass. You can use the stones to keep the grass ends in place. Add cool water until you’ve covered about half of the Bear Grass. Cut the Rose stem off at an angle just below the steeples. (Steeples are the pointy bits that look like a crown at the base of the flower bud.) Make sure the stem is long enough for the flower to drink water once it’s in the globe. Place in the water.

Ta-dah! I realize we didn’t recreate the wheel here or anything. But it is nice to have a little reminder of Valentines Day to brighten up the table without breaking the bank!