ABCD {interior} Design: Sneak Peek of the Laundry Room

I realize I have been a little food-centric with my posts the last week or so, but I am just so happy to see my cookery books! I mean really, really thrilled. It’s the start of September which means that the cabinetry boards have been cut and they’ll soon be moving from the wood barn into the production building – more on that process later! Today, I want to talk a bit about the kitchen pantry/laundry room.{Images: Apartment Therapy, Vision Decor, and ABCD Designs’ Notes for the Design File – totally a post worth checking out!}Yesterday, my cabinet guys told me that we’re looking at a mid-October installation date. Hooray! Sounds like I’ll be able to host Thanksgiving at the ABCD Homestead! I know, it’s going to be a tight schedule by the time we get the counter tops in. Kitchens always take a lot longer to install than anyone ever thinks to account for. Of course, once it is finished, I will have the job of unpacking and washing all the dishes…{Sorry the image is so blurry – clearly I wasn’t focused on photos, it was more about washing all the dishes and crystal!}
One portion of the kitchen drawings I neglected to show you a few weeks ago is the laundry room, which will double as the kitchen pantry. You remember when I dream decorated that space over at Blu Label Bungalo a few months ago, right? As a reminder, we were blessed with an entire wall of built-in open shelves, similar to the image above. On the other side we have a sink, the washer, the dryer and a set of open ikea shelves. I decided to add a closed door upper cabinet, and a shaker style shelf above the washer and dryer. We’ll be repurposing the ikea shelves in our attic.Gosh, I l-o-v-e this shelf! As a matter of fact, I showed my cabinet makers this exact image and said “Let’s do this, only more shaker-style, less country.” Ahhhh… the benefits of going local! I quoted out stock cabinetry at the big box stores as well as semi-custom lines at smaller kitchen and bath outfitters – and guess what? By going local, I was able to get a quote for fully custom cabinets at a fraction of the price of the big box store.Cabinets are expensive no matter which way you go. I spent a lot of time getting pricing. I got quotes on everything from Quality Cabinets to Kraftmaid, Decora to Crown Point, Plain and FancyThomasville, and several more. My local guy came in at a third of the cost. ONE THIRD! Not to mention, since he is literally around the corner from me, the delivery of my entire kitchen is only $90.00. The.Entire.Kitchen! Did I mention that the estimates we got for delivery with other companies (in many cases) came in at thousands of dollars? I feel like I really scored by staying local – Yes, there are often cost benefits to using a slow home frame of mind.
In the pantry: I know I told you that I had planned to arrange the cook books in color-coded fashion, but super organized personality won’t allow for it. Each time I put all the green, yellow, red or black bindings together I get all stressed about how long it will take me to find the cook book I want. Lesson learned. I need organization more than I love color-coded prettiness.
Speaking of cost, the Bayview Utility Sink looks like exactly what I could imagine in this laundry room come pantry space. I have been hunting around, and the best price I found was at Home Center. I wouldn’t be surprised if I hunt more, I’ll find a better deal or something like it that gives the same feeling.I know it’s not ideal to have closed shelving on that wall blocking the view of the window frame – but I can’t change that situation. I feel a little closed cabinetry in that room is a necessity for me. I am overwhelmed by all the visual stimulation of too many open shelves. I plan to house holiday dishes in those cabinets. If I left them open…just think of the unnecessary dusting I’d have to do…Ugh! As you know, the kitchen cabinetry is black, but we’ll be doing these laundry room cabinets in dove white to match the trim throughout the house. I plan to have matte black pulls and latches for all of the cabinets.

What else? Am I missing anything? Is there anything you’d add to this space?