{thank you} Swoon Over It Photography

Your start-up disk is full and you may not write any new files – this is the message my little laptop is giving me. I suspect it has something to do with all the photos of progress on the house that I have been taking.
The good news? I am doing an awesome job of documenting each step of the renovation and nesting process. The bad news? I totally ruined my little computer doing so. I learned of this problem yesterday morning when I attempted to write a blog post. No images could be moved, added or downloaded – ugh! Amanda from Swoon Over it had just sent me a bunch of photos to post, and I couldn’t do a thing with them. Wah!
Last night, I took the train into the City and I purchased an external hard drive for my computer. I have transferred the important things to the new hard drive and I think I am on my way again. Needless to say, this data transfer has taken most of the morning and I need to get on with the day. Gosh, I feel like such a bad blog writer!
I am off to Knoxville this evening. We’ll spend a long weekend with friends and family. The Mr. loves his SEC football, so he will attend the big game. I am going along for the friends, family and BBQ. I know, I know! You might recall that I’ve been practically vegetarian for nearly a year, but I do reserve the right to lapse when Tennessee BBQ is on the menu! winkwink
From the looks of it, I have everything sorted out with my hard drive now. (I bet Amanda never has these issues with her swanky computer and fabulous Nikon camera!) But tomorrow, I’ll be taking a little break from the internet. There has to be balance in life, and when opportunity knocks to spend time with loved ones – I am going to take it!
As I mentioned earlier, the photos in this post are by the wonderfully talented Amanda Young of Swoon Over It Photography. She is based out of Philadelphia, and I had the awesome opportunity to meet her in New York City last month. As you might remember, she came up to NYC to have lunch with me and Lisa from Anderson Green Events. Amanda stopped by my place beforehand and snapped a whole slew of avatar photos that featured my new raven-colored hair.Amanda did a great job of making sure I had a lot of different looks to pick from. She was so sweet and made me feel ultra-comfortable in front of the camera. As a result, I am super happy with how they turned out! Amanda is running a $99 special on mini-sessions similar to the one I had with her. In my opinion, having a fresh photo is the best $99 you can put towards your social media budget. You can check out Amanda’s work out here and see the portraits she took of ABCD here.

Have a wonderful weekend!