Who doesn’t love a {sustainable} wing back chair?

You know that I have a soft spot in my heart for a well designed wing back chair, right? There is no denying that the shape is iconic. Who wouldn’t love a handsome bergere that has been modified to keep the Winter chill off one’s neck?Just in time for the cold weather months, Cargill’s Expierence BiOH polyols devision has announced Project U Design! Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) students have been asked to design an eco-friendly wing chair utilizing Cargill’s BiOH polyols based foam upholstery cushions and Ultrasuede EcoDesign upholstery fabric. The chair will be manufactured by Century Furniture and the winner of the contest will receive royalties for each chair that is sold.Think for just one moment: Wouldn’t it be completely amazing if someday the Project U Design award winning wing back chair is held in such high esteem as other iconic wing back designs? That possibility isn’t out of the question. After all, SCAD graduates are some of the shining stars in design!Alex Shuford III, vice president of sales and marketing for Century Furniture said ”A big part of our sustainability story is to create heirloom quality furnishings that will last for our customers.” Now that is an idea I can truly get behind!
Personally, I’d love to see Americans forget about disposable furniture and return to the notion that home furnishings are to be purchased and held onto. They are to be of the highest quality available to them, and are to be handed down from one generation to the next. There is a reason why so much mid-century and antique furniture is still around – it was made to last. Somehow I doubt Americans will be handing down West Elm and Ikea pieces to the next generation, don’t you?
Back to the contest: The top six wing chair designs have been selected for Project U Design. What’s the best part? It is up to our community to select the winner by voting on facebook. That’s right. Project U Design is using social media to get interior designers, furniture enthusiasts, and the general community involved. It’s their mission to spread the word that sustainable, eco-friendly furniture can be both innovative and beautiful.I know. I’ve used the hormone-free organic yogurt at Wallmart analogy before but the theory rings true in regards to home furnishings. Interior designers listen up: Being aware of eco-friendly, sustainable options for home furnishings is the first step towards having a major impact on the reduction of oil used in upholstered furniture. If you only knew how much oil goes into our upholstered furniture – it’s quite possible you’d make different choices – starting immediately.If we –as a design community- continue to insist upon sustainable, eco-friendly upholstery and foam in the furniture we purchase for our homes and our clients, eventually the furniture manufacturers will provide eco-friendly options as the standard choice. Now that would be truly amazing for our environment!
BiOH has challenged the SCAD designers to create an eco-friendly wing chair that the consumer will actually want to buy. Not just a design in theory, but the real deal. A chair that will thrive in the market place and will be handed down from one generation to the next.Pop over to facebook to see the top six finalists. In the comment section of ABCD Design: tell me which SCAD designed chair you’d choose to decorate with! Better yet, I’d love to see other interior designers blog about this contest to raise awareness about eco-friendly upholstery and soy based foam choices – hint hint – It’s time to spread the word about the Slow Home Movement! Don’t forget, you can vote for the top three BiOH polyols’ Project U Design finalists until October 3rd. After the top three are selected, you may vote again for the number one chair until October 19th. The winner of Project U Design will be announced at Highpoint Market on Market on Wednesday, October 20th.
Don’t you just wonder if Ethan Allen uses BiOH soy polyol ingredient in their foam? I know I certainly do. Now that I know there are sustainable, earth friendly options out there, I’d be sure to inquire before I place an order. Actually, I might just insist upon sustainable options – before I buy!As always, you can click on any image in a post to be redirected to the source for the image. However, since this is such an image heavy post I am listing the links from top to bottom: Tom Dixon Wing Back Chair via ABCD Design, Fine Good Things, Papa Bear Chair, Saarinen Womb Chair via Knoll, Antique Georgian Wing Back, Design BoomWingin’ it via Mr. Peacock Style, Wing Back Chairs circa 1910, Edward Wormley for Dunbar, Ethan Allen, HGTV.