I’m going to VEGAS baby!

The other day I said I needed to make a little space in my life and I believed that shifting my thought would open up new opportunities for me. Well guess what? Just putting that information out in the universe has already helped me. Who knew the cosmic world could move so quickly?If you’ve been reading ABCD Design for a while, you also know that I am koo-koo crazy for Twitter. I am always writing about how fabulous it is, that it’s an awesome place to network, and how it opens doors for me (and others I know) every single day. As you remember, I worked with the NYDC on not one but two occasions to help spread the word about social media. That opportunity came to me because of my friendly relationship with @NYDC on Twitter.And those jobs that I have interviewed for over the last few months? Each and every one came via direct message inquires (DMs) on Twitter. I wasn’t even really looking for a full-time job working for someone – but they found me. While none of them ended up being the perfect, full-time fit, it’s still hugely flattering that these people would take any interest at all.How about the Design TV party that Jonathan Legate and I pulled off a few months ago? It had the powers of Twitter written all over it. And then there was the day I had a champagne ‘tweet-up’ with @5thJoy in New York City. As I was walking up the steps to meet her, a DM came in from @LoomDecor that said “We are looking for a copywriter. Do you know anyone?”I sat down across the table from Abby and as the conversation went on I asked “Besides writing a beautiful blog, what do you do for a living?” She said “I am a copywriter.” Now guess who has a brand spanking new job working with Loom Decor? Yep, all because of Twitter.

So, guess what? I’ve been asked by The Kaleidoscope Partnership to help them facilitate their social media campaign at the World Market Center in Las Vegas! We’ll be working with furniture retailers, interior designers, and home furnishings manufacturers to help them ‘see the social media light‘ and get involved in it themselves. Cool, no? Oh, and this story wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t tell you that the opportunity came to me through a direct message on Twitter.{Images: Painting My Sky, Life of Joy, Dining by DesignDesignTV event, 5th Joy}