Dream Decorating: A Dining Table Banquette

Let me preface this story about dining table banquettes: Yesterday we were bopping around a vintage junk shop in a nearby town and found a set of four Herman Miller fiberglass chairs. They are the most perfect shade of grey-ish brown. I realized they would look amazing with the Chelsea Grey walls in our dining room.As you might recall, I purchased some 1920’s stackable bridge chairs in my single days that are now in great need of major repairs. The seats are as cute as all get-out, but the wood seat support under the leather upholstery is starting to deteriorate. They’ll make for fabulous extra seating once I have them refurbished, but they are not the most comfortable for long evenings around the dining table. Not to mention, (due to their petite size) they are not very comfortable for anyone who is any larger than I am.For years, I have had my eye out for the right replacement chairs, but I never would have considered the mid-century ones until I literally stumbled onto them yesterday. The purchase was a no-brainer. I knew that just one new Herman Miller side chair goes for nearly $300 at DWR, and I was about to walk away with a set of four vintage ones for less than that! I also eased my mind by finding a similar set of chairs on MidCenturyModern.org and another set in different colors on ebay. Both of which were priced at more than twice of the tag I held in my hand at the junk shop. How could I resist, really?Needless to say, this bargain find has started a whole slew of new ideas for me and our dining room – which, (no doubt) will end up costing more money than I ever would have spent decorating the dining room had I never found these awesome chairs. But that is how it goes, right? Enter: the banquette. Now we need one.  *winkwink*I mean -really- what would look better across the table from a set of Herman Miller chairs than a banquette? I am pretty sure nothing would. The lines of the flora banquette remind me of mid-century modern design, so now I hear it calling my name even louder than it was before.
To be honest, I have had my eye on the Flora Banquette from ROOM for ages. It’s mammoth in size. As shown at the ROOM studio, it’s about 8″ longer than our farm table [120”l x 27”d x 33”h] but can be made to order in any size. It’s got a kiln-dried frame, 8-way hand-tied springs, and you can make a choice of cushion fill. I like the idea that it is fully customizable. I’d add a skirt to the bottom and hidden wheels so that I could easily pull it out from the dining table. I already have the fabric picked out too. Mohair Supreme 451801 in Moss by Maharam.Images: Modern 50, French Quarters, Young House Love, The Laurel Hedge, ROOM, Architonic