Oops I did it again. {trendy kitchen – CRAP!}

Hello heartbreak! You might remember I started dreaming on a white kitchen with soapstone counter tops sometime in 2004. I had the wonderful opportunity to design and renovate our NYC apartment kitchen in 2006. So in went my white kitchen I had been dreaming of. Throughout 2007 and 2008 I became increasingly annoyed at all the white kitchens I was seeing. They were featured in seemingly every Food Network show and they even made it into Verizon commercials!Life happens, real estate gets sold and one moves onto a new project. As you know, I have been dreaming about decorating dark for some time now. (Get more decorating dark ideas here!) I am amidst settling into my shiny black kitchen with matte black drawer pulls and …presto… The Style Files featured a gorgeous french kitchen. Notice a similarity? Hint: oversized black range hood with a big, shelf and cupboard free white wall behind it. All drawers on the bottom on either side of the range. Hmmpf! I did it again. I am *so* annoyed with myself. And then I became aware that the IKEA Dream Kitchen won Gold at the Interior Design Show in Canada. Heaven help me. I hope I don’t forever look at our brand new kitchen and think “It’s so 2011.” Don’t even get me started on the lighting in the IKEA kitchen. Even the Mr. was annoyed at how trendy the white kitchen was – he doesn’t even pay attention to these sorts of things. Ugh.
I’ve said it before but … it just goes to show you that there are no “new ideas,” there are simply reinterpretations of the classics. Do you remember how I teetered on the verge of grey-green kitchen cabinets for this very reason? Makes me wonder if I should have listened to my gut. I am starting to think I’d be better off not paying so much attention to the trends!? I am making myself sick to my stomach with how predictable I am!

{Images IKEA Canada, The Style Files, Modernica}