Stock Vintage by Melissa Howard {American Rustic}

Proud as a peacock, I am. My dear friend Melissa Howard had a fabulous feature on A Continuous Lean a few weeks ago – and then low and behold – she was featured in the House and Garden Section of the New York Times yesterday! OMG!! She is so well deserving of this NY Times honor.I have written on multiple occasions about ‘living with what you love’, and how by doing so, your space will become a reflection of your unique personality. By looking at these images, I am sure you can see that Melissa’s space is a flawless example of her unyielding, focused aesthetic. While Melissa’s style might not be yours, this is a prime example of what happens when you trust your personal taste and live with what you love.Images via The New York Times (Go Melissa, whoo-hoo! Be sure to check out the American Rustic slideshow.)