Flower Arrangement Redesign {more bang for your buck}

Last month I showed you the mock-up floral designs that Tamara and I did for the Flawless Foundation ‘Perfection Party’ scheduled for April 9th. They loved the arrangements, but due to how many have RSVP’d, the number of tables for the event has grown from 10 to 15. This means the budget per arrangement changed. We needed to come up with a design that would allow us to eek out another 5 table arrangements.By using all of the same type of flower in an arrangement for an event, you can get a lot more flowers for less money per stem. We’ve decided to use my Suzanne Cummings flower school training and create 15 hand tied flower arrangements as center pieces for the Flawless party. It’s going to be absolutely flawless, don’t you think? For inquiring minds: These are Vendela roses. They’re a lovely shade of creamy white and are the go-to white rose for brides who want a white wedding decor palette. These arrangements will pack a whole lot of impact for relatively little money.