Nesting: the new normal

Wow – last week really got away from me. As you may have noticed, I missed posting both on Thursday and Friday. I was up at the country house putting the finishing touches on the kitchen and pantry. It’s official. We’re in! All the boxes are unpacked. Each and every dish is clean and in a cupboard or on a shelf. I guess the question is… now what?Closing day arrived with a lovely housewarming gift last June and we finished the renovation sometime in February. It took March and April for me to get us unpacked and settled in the house. Ten months. It may be no surprise, between my bike accident and overseeing the renovations, I fell off the workout bandwagon. In so many words, I guess it’s time to get my pre-renovation body back. *winkwink*Yet, the barn is still a mess. I suppose I should keep on going full steam until I am done with that too, right? Boy, what I wouldn’t do to turn that practically empty barn of ours into a workout room! I am not much of an outdoor fitness fan. I love to ski, but I am allergic to just about everything that flies through the air when the weather isn’t arctic temps. But, not so fast.Over the holiday weekend, I brought some overflow china, crystal, pots and pans back into the City. I have some settling in to do here as well. You see, I have spent very few nights in NYC since we moved rental apartments back in November. This place feels a *wee* bit as though we’re living like college students. Tomorrow, I have some furniture and vintage posters arriving in the City from the country house. Soon, this place will start to feel like home too. Yay!

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