The Country House: Dining Room Progress

Ah yes, the country house dining room. I am so close to being done with it – yet so far from completing it! My tea cup collection has landed in the glass apothecary cabinet which used to house my yarn stash in the Soho apartment. It’s sitting upon the chippy vintage cabinet that used to be in our living room. It’s working out to be awesome storage for the china I don’t use everyday. I have the mirror from our old dining room hanging horizontally above it. I grew up with that mirror in my mom’s house. It’s not that I love the mirror, it’s more about the nostalgic memories that are attached to it.You remember my post about Pewter Tea and Coffee Pots, right? Well, I am currently loving how they look in the dining room. The tone on tone color is making my heart sing. As for the wood block artwork – it’s a wood plate that they used to make posters with back in the day. It’s like a giant stamp. I love the way she looks with the wood beams and the wall color. To the right, there are 3 large windows with black window sashes. The drab color of the room makes mother nature take center stage – no matter what season it is!When it comes to the color palette that I have selected for the country house, I’ve absolutely been inspired by the nature that surrounds us. There is nothing about the interior decorating in this room (or others for that matter) that will compete with the show that Mother Nature is providing with each change of season. The kitchen is right off of the dining room. It’s the color of Winter – black, white, and grey that has the lightest hint of baby blue in it.Considering my decor taste leans towards ‘Country Living‘ or ‘Traditional Home‘ and I am married to Mr. DWR, I have worked to strike that balance between rustic and modern, traditional and timeless. This is where I am stuck. For seating at the dining table, (opposite side of the four Eames chairs) I have made it no secret that I am longing for a green wool dining banquette. Hopefully it will be a piece that I can add scatter pillows to and really warm up the space. There are currently a lot of hard edges in this room, you know? Seeing all that is going on with the dining room, my question is this: Do I go with army green which is what I originally thought I wanted -or- Do I do something unexpected and go for more of an acid-chartreuse color? My thought is to stay neutral and not compete with nature. But then again, every time I see St. Annie hanging on the wall in the kitchen, my heart skips a beat. I think why not bring in a hot, hot acid green color? Muddy, drab, rustic green or a modern pop of color – what would you do?