Mercury Glass Lanterns {Memorial Day Weekend Decor}

You guys remember that one of my favorite spots in the country house is the screened in porch, right? We recently purchased a set of black rocking chairs from a local furniture store. I found a twig table at the thrift shop and another side table at a yard sale. It’s coming together on the screened in porch, but I still really want to do a wicker setee with Sunbrella cushions on it. You see, I feel pretty strongly that the screened in porch should seat more than two people! We also toyed with the idea of adding one of these crazy fabulous outdoor fireplaces. Malm fireplaces have been around since the 1950’s. I think the Zircon or Lancer model would suit the minimalist Shaker/Modern country house aesthetic that we’re curating.After yesterday’s post, I bet you can guess who’s idea an outdoor MCM fireplace was – yep, Mr. DWR himself! I happen to love the shape of the Wittus Shaker style stove, but I think it’s better suited to be inside. I think it would be quite amazing to have a fireplace out there, but (due to the size of it) we’d struggle to squeeze in the settee that I am dream decorating with. Oh, and don’t say put the fireplace outside – I’d get eaten alive by mosquitos!As you know, I make my best effort to buy vintage and support local shops when selecting home decor items. Of course, there are always times when I have been searching forever and can’t find the exact thing I am looking for. I stumbled onto these lanterns at Pottery Barn the other day, and I can’t help but want to hang a slew of them out back. Pretty charming, don’t you think? P.S. I think I’d put some LED flicker tea lights in them to avoid them blowing out in the breeze. Who knows, maybe I’ll order them in time for our 4th of July house guests? On Friday afternoon, we have our first real house guests arriving for the Memorial Day weekend. I may, or may not be posting here on ABCD again until Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend!