Dream Decorating: Vintage Look Cloth Cord Lighting Kit

Yes, that’s right. She’s the artist I told you about who makes artfully decorated matchboxes and beautiful handmade lamp shades. Susan Schneider was the first ‘Up State’ friend that I made when we bought the country house. Long story short: this week she introduced a brand new, perfectly vintage inspired lighting kit that I am thinking about putting in our fireplace room at the top of the steps. When we bought the house the fireplace room had six (count them, SIX!!) white plastic pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling. Honestly -for such a darling little country house- the popcorn lamps did not suit me. At the time, I didn’t want to go to the expense of replacing all six fixtures, so I simply pulled off the plastic shade and popped an Edison Bulb in each one. It was a simple fix. They blend in with the white ceiling and I don’t even notice them any more.
I love the vintage look of the cloth cord swag lights and pendant light kits that Susan is offering. They are far better suited to our space than plastic cords are. Seriously, the idea of putting six of the same fixtures in a room is pretty daunting to me and over the last year I have become accustomed the simple, clean look of the cord and light. Not to mention, the price is right on these light kits too! FYI: you don’t need to live up the road from Susan to get one. They can be purchased at Shandells online shop. She’ll send them to you via priority mail in the sweetest turn-of-the-century inspired, industrial packaging. You gotta love Susan, she thought of every detail!