Dream Decorating: The Bluestone Patio

They started a landscaping project at our house last Thursday. I left the City and am staying at the country house until they complete it. I’ve found that unless I am here making strategic decisions, they tend to ‘paint themselves into a corner’ and then I end up making them re-do it. To save everyone’s energy, I am simply hanging out here while this project plods on towards completion. Rain or shine, they’re out there moving our fence, digging up ground, and relaying our stone walk to the mud room.Late last Summer, the barn became our storage facility until all the work inside the main house was completed. I carried the last box inside sometime in April, but the barn remained a jumbled mess of leftover things that didn’t find a home in the house or the attic. I have spent most of the last four days cleaning barn – in hopes that it will feel like a more livable space. Fact is, the country house doesn’t have air conditioning, and the barn remains the coolest place on the property during long, hot Summer days.
We built a large bluestone patio out in front of the barn last Summer. My hope is to put a handful of Adirondack chairs from LL Bean on it. I like these particular chairs not only because they fold for Winter storage, but also because they are made in Up State New York. In a time when it seems absolutely everything is stamped with “made in China,” it feels good to get something that is actually made locally. BTW: Apartment Therapy wrote a quick history of the Adirondack Chair, which may inform you to why I want this style of chair on the bluestone patio. And in a dream world, sitting in the center of a grouping of chairs we’d see this…I’d love to put cast iron fire bowl out there! How fab would that be? DWR doesn’t seem to be selling them anymore, but since our house in the middle of Iron Ore country, I bet I can find a blacksmith who’d make a fire bowl somewhere here in Northwestern Connecticut. (As I said before, I’d prefer to support the local guy anyway. Win/win!) There is so much to do here at the house, maybe a black iron fire pit is a project for next Summer? Oh, and overseeing the landscaping isn’t the only thing I have been working on. Earlier this week I popped over to Shandells with the broken birdhouse you see below. I had a feeling she might like to make it into a lamp for me. You see, she’ll make just about anything into a lamp. As a matter of fact, Susan was in the middle of converting vintage coffee percolators into the sweetest, so-perfect-for-a-cottage lamps when I arrived the other day.Images: Tiny White Daisies, Happiness via ABCD Design, Adirondack chairs Adirondack Authority, and Apartment Therapy, DWR, and my trusty phone.