Weekend Flowers: Halloween Decoration Edition!

We have house guests for the second time in so many weekends. This weekend, we have friends that I met when I was in college who are visiting from Washington, D.C. My girlfriend is Vegan, so I made Mulligatawny Soup – but skipped the chicken, chicken stock and butter and opted for a mixture of olive oil/canola, and vegetarian soup stock. I’m looking forward to showing them around our area this weekend, and to enjoying the last bits of gold on the trees.These are the flowers I designed for our house guest last weekend. Can you believe most of them are still going strong? That comes from proper care and conditioning before you arrange them. It also comes from changing the water and giving them a tiny trim of the stems on a daily basis.If the weather is as good as they predict, you bet there will be some Hästens hammock time! Happy Fall weekend to you.