Dream Decorating: The City Apartment

The good thing about the power being out at The Country House? I have been in the city non-stop since last Sunday. I often find a reason to go up there at some point during the week – it usually has to do with meeting workmen at the house or with cleaning it – but I have been in the City staring at my blank creamy white walls, trim, medium tone brown wood floors, and beige carpet.This “new” apartment has amazing bones – we’ve been here one year this month. It has tall ceilings, original plaster moldings, a dining nook, and an actual bedroom! That might sound funny, but we spend an entire year in an “L” shaped studio where our bed was dangerously close to the sofa and TV. It’s really great to be able to shut the doors to the living area and retreat to a real bedroom.The bad news? I am 100% certain that our landlords would not let me paint the walls – even if I just wanted to change the color of white that are on them -because- I do want to change the color white on them. The molding and the fireplace would pop so much more if the walls were a whiter, or a grey-white color. The good news? I decorated an entire white box in 2006 and absolutely loved it. I also lived on Wall Street in an all white, super modern apartment during 2010 and loved it. Granted, I never finished decorating the Wall Street Apartment, but it was a fantastic white space.I have those core elements you see above here with me in The City Apartment -it’s just that over the last year or so I have been focusing on The Country House and have not done a single thing here. We’ve got the white chesterfield, the black mirror credenza, the curved glass cocktail table – do uou want a refresher on the Wall Street Apartment that I never finished decorating? – and in addition to those pieces, we have the two leather club chairs that sat in front of our canopy bed in Soho.Because house in Connecticut is so very ‘Shaker Chic’ my vintage poster collection asked not to be hung on the walls. It seemed way too busy to me to have the rosy cheeked, winged girls on our stark walls. Besides, the poster collection is begging to be hung on these huge, creamy white walls in our rented, 1880’s townhouse flat.Images in today’s post are my own, and are also from Pink walls Bedroom with Brown Curtains Betsy Johnson’s apartment, Pink Dining Room, Pale Pink Bedroom via interest. Raspberry dessert via Sweet Sugar Bean and Tumblr Food.