The New Traditionalists {a holiday present: Desk no. 211}

Remember last week when I challenged you to dream decorate your home office? Tell me, what would your office design look like with Desk no. 211 in it? Pretty remarkable, I suspect. Why Desk 211, you ask? Because it is the one I would dream decorate the ABCD Design studio with, of course!I have made it no secret here on ABCD Design that The New Traditionalists is one of my favorite furniture lines. I’ve written about them on many occasions. I first fell in love with The New Traditionalists over a TV cabinet (in their infancy, when they were known as Mason Gray) and then I named them one of my top three favorites at the Architectural Digest Home Show in 2010. Late last Fall, I wanted to know more about their line so I made a visit to their handsome Soho showroom.Six week lead time? Check. Fully customizable? Check. Eco-friendly paints and finishes? Check. Made in the USA? You BET! Hand-built, honest quality AND designs that play nicely with both traditional and modern decor? No need to carry on. Sign me up. I am a fan.During that meeting, Philip shared with me that they like throwing parties in their space. “Ooooo…I like throwing parties too!” We took that conversation from the seed of an idea, to The Living with What you Love Event. We arranged the fabulous party guests, amazing cocktails and Fall inspired flower designs in less than two weeks time. What a magnificent night it was!Since then, we’ve had many wonderful conversations inspired by The New Traditionalists on our weekly DesignTV chat that were facilitated by the behind-the-scenes social media work of Leslie Carothers. The most memorable chat was with Interior Designer Campion Platt where we discussed Quality, Value and Timeless Design. Most recently, we had a lively chat about how fashion and interior design influence one another.The New Traditionalists make a handsome line of hand-built, ultra-fine heirloom furniture that is fit to hand down from one generation to the next. The New Traditionalists style, aesthetic and slow home mentality is a perfect fit for ABCD Design. And that is why they’ve offered to give one of my readers a Christmas present!
Enter to win The New Traditionalists Holiday Giveaway on ABCD Design: this is an incredibly generous giveaway worth $5,000.00, so we’re narrowing down the winner in two rounds of entries. You’re going to have to follow these steps in round one to be eligible…

1) Like The New Traditionalists on facebook and follow @CEO_TheNewTrad on Twitter.
2) Visit the TNT website to design your dream Desk no. 211. Pick the wood finish and fabric or leather for the drawer faces.
3) Click on the share button to create your entry submission.
5) Follow the instructions on the pop up page: copy URL and e-mail submission to WinDesk211[at]thenewtraditionalists[dot]com and click the share on Facebook link.
6) Comment on this blog post telling me about the design that you entered to win. You can feel free to Tweet @ABCDdesigns -or- let me know on the ABCD Design Facebook -or- on my ABCD google+ page. I’ll be happy to re-tweet you or spread the word about your entry in any way I can.
You have until November 30th to design your dream desk and submit your entry to win. At that point, we’ll post the submissions here on ABCD Design and everyone -including The New Traditionalists- will vote for the top three entries. TNT will do renderings of the top three designs and we’ll have a second round of voting here on ABCD Design, based 100% on the comments you all leave on the second round post. The winner of Desk no. 211 will be announced here in a post on December 15th during the 5 o’clock hour on the holiday edition of #DesignTV.
Technical note – The Safari browser on Mac Computers is giving us some trouble…if you have any issues entering try giving Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome a shot.  Feel free to also send any questions to windesk211[at]thenewtraditionalists[dot]com