The City Apartment {Decorating Update} Bar Cart, TV Stand, Hanging Art, and an Accidental Color Palette

When I was unpacking the kitchen boxes at The Country House, do you recall me telling you about the ungodly amount of pastel china and pink glassware that I own? I couldn’t bring myself to part with it – but I also didn’t have a plan for using it in the new kitchen. So, sometime late last Spring I packed it back up and brought it all down to the City. As you might remember, we were living with only four plain white plates and bowls that we purchased while we were waiting for our next step present itself, so there was plenty of room in the cupboards!As luck would have it, the china colors totally tie in with the colors of the carpet that I inherited from my mom. It’s quite serendipitous the way that all worked out, isn’t it? (My mom got her rugs about the same time I started collecting pastel china and pink glassware – perhaps in the early 90’s she and I were on the same color palette wavelength?) Long story short: All of a sudden, The City Apartment starting to feel like it’s coming together in a really nice way. I can’t help but want to dream decorate with some yellow, sage, cognac or berry pink scatter pillows on the white chesterfield. Which colors would you pick up on?In the last few weeks, I have started to make some of my apartment decorating dreams come true. I finally got around to converting our 1800’s secretary into a bar cart and hung one of my favorite vintage posters above it. I love how the raspberry color picks up on the berry tones in mom’s carpetAs a matter of fact, I hung all the posters throughout the apartment. I am certain my rosy-cheeked girls are pleased to finally be hanging up on the wall to be admired instead of being stacked in front of one another on the floor and leaning against the wall. All is right in ABCD world now – wink. In all seriousness, it feels a ton better in the space and I am much happier for it.And to make things feel even better yet: The TV stand that I was dream decorating with a few weeks ago also arrived. Man-oh-man it is a 10,000% improvement from what was there before! When we moved in, I plopped the TV on top of a few empty milk crates. It was a complete eyesore and remained that way until just a week or so ago. I was so embarrassed of it that I didn’t even want anyone to step foot in the apartment. What’s next, you ask? 1) The vintage partner desk must come in from the country. 2) A mirror should be hung over the fireplace – I was thinking a Venecian mirror, but have since gone dumpster diving and I think I have found a suitable, free alternative. 3) I want to do a petite armoire on either side of the fireplace in our bedroom. 4) The shaker peg board entry way idea that I told you about a few weeks ago.