Trend Spotting {Shopping: New York City}

Yesterday my friend, and DesignTV chat co-host Jonathan Legate joined me for an afternoon of trend spotting in and around lifestyle and furniture stores of New York City. There is nothing quite like going in a bunch of stores to get the ‘vibe’ that is happening in the marketplace.I tell you what, GREEN is everywhere. On walls, upholstery, in accessories. Brass too – it’s back. You might recall that I called this one a while ago both in this Notes for the Design File post as well as in this Crushing on Gold Accents and Matte Gold Flatware post. We’re still seeing stores with all their walls painted black – you know I am a fan of that too.We didn’t see anything necessarily new interior design-wise in C Wonder – yet it was an incredibly eye-catching place – it’s a familiar mix of Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, and Tori Burch wrapped up in a Disney Land, over the top package. The shop is full of handsome color combinations, brass accents, lacquered walls and furniture pieces.Kelley green piano painted doors ushered us into the space. There were pops of kelley throughout the shop including a velvet sofa with brass nail heads, an oversized ottoman with teal color details and wide horizontal striped walls jewelry section. Speaking of jewelry, we’re seeing fashion accessories make an appearance on furniture.Today on #DesignTV we’ll be talking more about trend spotting for Spring and Summer months. What’s hot, what’s not and how you are freshening up the look of your home for Spring and Summer ’12! Join us by clicking here and signing in with your Twitter account at 5pm ET/2pm PT.
Images: C Wonder via Architectural Digest, Flair Home Collection, Ochre, The New Traditionalists