What’s the fuss about GMO?

I remember when I was in college and they started adding the Bovine Growth Hormone to milk. I made a conscious choice to consume dairy that was clearly marked organic and hormone free. If it wasn’t clearly marked, I didn’t want to chance it. My theory: who knew what implications could come down the road from drinking milk that had been pumped full of hormones?
As the years pass, I am finding it increasingly difficult to navigate the grocery store and feel that I am making the right choices for our refrigerator. The more and more I read about GMO’s, the scarier it gets. I think they should label GMO foods so that we can confidently make a choice in the grocery store. If you’re interested in this topic you can learn more about Genetically Modified Food on Grist and Food Politics.
BTW: I am always a little weary about signing online petitions – and this is by no means forcing you to do the same – but there are people out there that are working to cease FDA ties to Monsanto. In my opinion, this might be a good place to start as it seems our current situation is like asking a fox to guard the hen house.
Images via the ultra-inspirational food photography blog Lottie and Doof.