A case of the 2011’s?

The start of February is here! This time of year I always find myself under the weather, tired, sad, depressed, lost – I dunno, just generally out of sorts. You recall my just after Christmastime post in 2011, don’t you? There is one in 2010 and another in 2009 similar to that too. Thankfully I have this trusty blog to look back upon and realize it is just how things go!
Perhaps all the excitement between Halloween and New Years keeps me up, up, up and then it gets quiet and I start realizing another year has passed? It might just be that I am just sad to see all the holiday decorations get packed away – they certainly warm up our place! Over the last month I have been working on a list of what I want to do to really finish off the country house.I’ve gotten quotes for slipcovering the pair of vintage sofas in our fireplace room and estimates on the upholstered headboard I have been dream decorating with for the last year. The fabric is on order for the double dutch pillows, duvet cover, and scatter pillows for the library sofasI got pricing for upholstering the asymmetrical club chairs and a set of petite french chairs and ottoman. (I purchased those cuties in early 2001 and never did anything with them – but now they’ve found a home in the library and look totally ridiculous with white cotton muslin on them!) And last but not least: I have been looking into wallpaper. $$$ Ouch. Doing the entire room would be incredibly expensive. Amazing, but expensive! I hope to slowly and surely chip away at these projects until they are all completed.Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty to look forward to this year. I’ve got two new interior decorating projects on my desk (I’m *this* close to getting a third one!) and lots of innovative ideas floating around in my head. So it’s all good. Though sometimes when I am feeling a bit weary, I like to see what others are saying about blogging, social media and their thoughts on all the energy and effort that people are putting into it.I liked what Melissa at The Inspired Room recently had to say about blogging in 2011. The Nester pointed out some interesting things about Pinterest that I hadn’t considered before. (I have yet to really embrace Pinterest, but when I do pin, you can find my Pinterest page here.) I also enjoyed reading Meg Worden’s ‘Eat Like an Artist’ on the Elephant Journal and Thomas O’Brien’s thoughtful take on being an interior designer and upscale merchant in the age of social media.
Makes you think, eh? Now that we’re though the first month of the new year my question is: how is 2012 treating you so far?Images Etsy 1, 2, 3, Lemon Cake, Aero