{Do you know?} Artist Carol O’malia

On our recent trip to Jackson Hole, a beautiful, realistic painting by Carol O’malia sparked my interest. The piece I liked was from her snow series. I’d just love to see a large snow painting in our fireplace room.
Carol’s work is focused on three areas. Water, Pillows and (as I mentioned before) she has a wonderful ability to paint Winter bare tree limb shadows on Snow. There is a photo-realistic quality to her work that I admire. The composition in the pillow painting (featured below) even though realistic, has an abstract quality to speaks to me. Carol told me in an email exchange that she is working like crazy because she has two solo shows coming up this year that are totally figurative. I tell you what, from the paintings I have seen already – I can not wait to see more!For inquiries about her work, Carol O’malia is represented by several galleries: Stricoff Fine Art, Julie Nester Gallery, Westbranch Gallery and the Whistler Village Art Gallery. Her new figurative work will be unveiled soon at the Julie Nester Gallery and the Rarity Gallery in Mykonos, Greece.