Treasure Hunting: 19th century glass canisters with metal lids

Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly in the market for a pair of canisters. I don’t have a particular use for them. This is one of these instances that I knew the wavy look of old glass and the patina on the brass lids would add a breath of depth and history to our home. When you’ve got a stark white floor and brand new cabinetry – you need to balance it our by bringing in some old things.
And how about the curvy shape on the little one? Adorable, right? I couldn’t buy one and not the other – it wasn’t a question that I wanted to keep the pair together. I really quite like how they look sitting next to one another! Originally I thought I’d use the big one for scones/cookies/muffins and the little one for earl grey tea in the kitchen, but once I put them in the pantry/laundry room area I realized they had found their new home.