NYC Design Bloggers visit The Country House!

I had a few inquiries recently about our little corner of Northwest Connecticut from a few NYC based blogging friends. One informational email led to the next and then I said “Why don’t you just come up and I will show you around?” Susan (from House of Brinson) and Erica (from Design Blahg and Effed in Park Slope) hopped on a train at the spur of the moment to spend Saturday with me in the country.Spring is in the air! While the trees have not budded out yet – it’s still officially “mud season” – the song birds are singing and the daffodils are starting to pop through the dirt. The ladies arrived at breakfast time. We drove down the back of our mountain into the valley and across the covered bridge for one of my favorite breakfasts. After we ate, I took them for a whirl around the different towns in our area. We dipped in and out of my favorite antique and junk stores – everyone found a treasure or two to take back to New York City.
Needless to say it was incredibly fun to spend the day showing a few New Yorkers around our country stomping grounds. With any luck, we’ll have more visits like this in the future. (I told them that they must come back once the interior design is closer to finished. The fireplace room furniture went out to the re-upholsterer last week!) I am sure many of you know about Susan’s passion for canning and pickling. As a matter of fact, I saw her eyes light up when she realized we live right next door to a berry farm.Lucky us…Susan brought both pickled carrots and jam to thank me for the tour. I opened up the jar of homemade strawberry black pepper jam and served it with our Sunday brunch yesterday afternoon. On The Menu: sunny side up eggs, a sauté of mushrooms and onions, and left-over pork tenderloin from Friday night that I sliced extra thin and fried up in butter.
After brunch, the Mr and I liberated our outdoor furniture from the barn. We sat down and soaked in the warm sunshine. This false Spring feels quite promising. I am thinking about taking the storm windows off of the house and switching them out for screens. While I am not a fan of Summer heat, these sixty degree Spring days with sunshine leave me smiling…