ABCD Design {featured} Ashley Brooke’s Desk Obsessed

A few months ago, Ashley Brooke asked me over to her blog to take part in a series called “Desk Obsessed.” I wanted to take part but embarrassingly enough –given my stand still with the Mr on where the 1950’s refurbished black lacquer partner desk should land– I’ve been making my desk at the dining table both in The City Apartment and in The Country House.Hey, whatever…it’s cool by me. Have laptop, will travel! Heck, a lot of the time I’d prefer to work from the sofa surrounded by scatter pillows with a blanket over my lap. Why not, right? I must admit though: there are certain creature comforts that are always close at hand when I am working. It doesn’t matter whether I am on the sofa, at a dining table or sitting at a proper desk.
And if you didn’t figure it out by this point in the post…the Mr ended up getting his way. Our landlords in the City told me they’d rather move this monster up four flights themselves instead of letting me hire a professional do it. It’s just been refurbished, it’s as heavy as could be, and they want to schlep it up the narrow, winding hallways for four flights…themselves? Ugh. I just couldn’t bear to watch that stressful scene go down. Boo-Hiss-Bah-Humbug.
So last week when I sent the fireplace room sofas went out to be recovered, I had the delivery guys help me move the partner desk from the barn into the house to the fireplace room. In a way, I wish that it was still Winter time. I’d make a savory dinners and insist we eat fireside for the rest of the season! As we suspected, my Mom’s hand-me-down hand-painted chairs are just magnificent with the desk. Suddenly, I don’t mind the upholstered cushions on them now that they’ve been placed in such a neutral-white room.Honestly, I can’t help but think that the heirloom carpets from the City apartment would be much better in The Country House. Will we ever feel settled, or will it just be a constant shift of furniture and accessories from one dwelling to the next? THAT (my friends) is a conversation for another day! Let’s just point out that it’s amazing neither of us have broken toes during the night with how often furniture shifts from one room to the next around here.
Without further adieu, Ashley Brooke has managed to ask all the pertinent questions about how and where I like to work and wrote up sweet feature about ABCD Design called Desk Obsessed with Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo! Please pop by and say hello to the lovely and talented Ashley Brooke.BTW: Do you recall when I was in cahoots with Ashley’s boyfriend Manuel and helped him plan his marriage proposalYeah, that. Needless to say, she and I go way back. It’s an honor to be asked over to her beautiful blog for any occasion! Thanks for having me over today Ashley!