Miele Better Living Lunch {ABCD Designs Instagram Photos}

We broke up into groups and were pulled back together as important steps in the preparation process were reached. Each of us learned about the induction cooktop, the steam oven, the speed oven and the regular oven. My favorite appliance of the day was the steam oven. (We poached eggs in just three minutes time!) I couldn’t help but think given how much New Yorkers order food in and take food to go, it would be perfect for an efficiency apartment in the City. It heats food up without drying it out.For those who are curious: Miele shared each of these fresh, seasonal, easy to prepare recipes on their facebook page.At the end of our lovely lunch, they showed us how to clean up using the Miele dishwasher. I was delighted to learn that you do not need to pre-wash your dishes! We stuck them into the machine with gooey glops of pea puree still sticking to the plate. Amazing, indeed! All of the photos were snapped on my iPhone with Instagr.am. If you’re looking to find my photos there, I am listed as ABCDDesigns.