A visit to Knoxville {Artisans, Craftsmen and an Antique Auction}

Hello – I bet you all were wondering where I slipped off to! Late last week, we snuck away to Knoxville for some quality time with friends and family.We departed on Thursday and drove back on Sunday afternoon, staying the night in Pennsylvania and returning to NYC yesterday about noon. We don’t keep our car in the City, so I dropped the Mr off at work and continued on to The Country House. Besides…I had a car to unpack!We chose to drive down to Tennessee because we had a vintage find to bring back with us. Back in 2009, we purchased a curvy turned wood chair that has been sitting at my father in law’s house waiting to be moved to the Northeast. We purchased the chair on a complete whim because 1) the super low price 2) we both were attracted to the shape of it.

Heck, we hadn’t even purchased our house yet and all of our belongings were still in storage! Needless to say, it’s a real looker with it’s spindled curves, linen upholstery and brass nail heads. The arrival of the chair in our house was a long time coming, so I am quite happy to finally have it in our home.On Friday we visited the Dogwood Arts Festival where I met Jacki and Janis from Proffitt’s Woodworks. They were taught how to hand turn wood from their father who learned from the generations that came before him. I purchased a beautiful rolling pin and an oil lamp made from reclaimed wood they got from an ancient barn that was being dismantled.The mason jar lids they make are awesome. I love the idea of having a collection of them storing rice, pasta and dried beans our pantry – OMGosh, how beautiful would that be? Jacki told me about the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community and next time I am in town, you bet I’ll take the eight mile long tour of artisans and craftsmen! The Proffitt’s work is an example of Appalachia craftsmanship at it’s finest – I am delighted to have had room in the car to bring a bit of it home with us!On Saturday we ate an early dinner and went to an estate auction. WOW – talk about right up my alley!! Our good friends just purchased a new old house in Knoxville and have several blank walls and empty spaces that could benefit from some historic pieces. I did a quick preview of the sale beforehand and pointed out my favorite pieces. Coming from the Northeast, I was dazzled by the low prices that solid wood, antique furniture was selling for.Both the Mr and I really got into the energy of the auction – it is quite infectious. In the end, I bid an old metal shoe box and the Mr bid on a charcoal drawing of a boy from the 1800’s. (It’s about the creepiest thing you ever saw. It’ll fit right in on our art wall in the dining room. Too bad that wall is already full!) We won both of the items we bid on, and our friends came home with a few pieces of fabulous, solid wood furniture. I truly can not wait to visit again. And speaking of good, clean fun: While I was away, CecyJ and Design Magnifique featured a rendition of the Modenus My City Tour on each of their blogs. I love seeing their favorite, individual takes on the day we spent together. Thanks for the mention ladies! xox 

Images are my own from Instagram, from the Dogwood Arts Festival and Terry’s Auction.