New Old Dining Chairs {Chrome from the 1970’s?}

Well, it’s happened. I was sourcing these great looking chrome chairs for a client and the Mr got involved. They are totally his taste. He loves the way they look. I like them too, and when my client decided they didn’t want them we decided to bring them home for ourselves. I know. I know. I must stop. The Country House is nearly full and the next thing you know I will have to open a store to support all the junking I have been doing.Now, I have to admit that I am not totally sold on the idea of keeping them in our dining area – it makes me wish that the glass breezeway project  was going forward or that I had somewhere to put them besides in our dining room. They’d be best (I think) around a Saarinen Tulip Table (which we do not own) in the fireplace room. Of course, then I’d have to find somewhere else for the vintage partner desk to go…Oy!Of course, I couldn’t help myself when it came to the upholstery…they were done in dark brown vinyl and that isn’t in the best of shape. They’ve got rips at the seams and could be so much better in different fabric. So, I sent them off for reupholstery! I think the color is fantastic for our dining room – I think it’s quite pretty with the Chelsea Gray paint and it picks up nicely on the colors we have going on in the art wall that we hung.Perhaps the Herman Miller Chairs that we found while out junking last year will have to find a new home?  Only time will tell!