{Do you know?} Hunter Bee in Millerton, New York

I’d like to introduce you to Jonathan Bee (on the left) and Kent Hunter (pictured right) – they are the proprietors of Hunter Bee on Main Street in Millerton, New York. I first stumbled into Hunter Bee several years ago when we were still just doing the occasional weekend at a B&B in Upstate New York or Northwest Connecticut. Now that we own a house and I am in Connecticut every weekend -and sometimes even weekdays- I stop in at Hunter Bee frequently.  As a matter of fact, Hunter Bee is where I purchased the set of industrial tray tables for the fireplace room. Remember when I told you about them a few months ago? Needless to say, Hunter Bee has become a must visit every time I go to Millerton. Kent and Jonathan carry a unique blend of old, new, high and low. Their specialty is collections of objects, so as you can imagine the store is full of personality and each individual vignette has a story to tell. As you know, I am a huge collector of just about anything, so I am totally attracted to how they merchandise their handsome shop.In speaking with Kent and Jonathan about the way they have curated the store, they said “You can decorate a house with furniture, but the real soul in a home comes from the objects and collections that a homeowner surrounds themselves with.” and “Often people build collections of things that remind them of a happier time in their past. We help them find pieces that speak to their individual personality and style.”The merchandise at the store is constantly rotating. The day I was in, they had just amassed a slew of salt and pepper shakers. I agree with Kent who said “One set is good. In multiples they are even that much better!” Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like they are going into the vintage salt and pepper shaker business. Once they are gone, they’re gone. The truth is that you never know what you might find when you stumble into the shop!Just in time for the Summer lake house community to arrive: Hunter Bee has recently opened a pop-up outpost in the nearby town of Salisbury, Connecticut. It’s in the Salisbury Breads shop which is owned by Pete Hathaway and Chef Bruce Young. (They recently took over the historic space that formerly housed Eliza Pete gifts and antiques at 17 Main Street.) In quintessential small town USA fashion, they’re open every day until the fresh bread runs out. Don’t you just love it?Please feel free to follow Hunter Bee on tumblr and peruse their site. If you’re in the area, pop by 21 Main Street for a look-see. Hunter Bee’s hours are 11am to 6pm, Thursday through Monday – they are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. I just took these photographs on Friday, so if there is something that catches your eye in this post, email Kent or call 518-789-2127 for details.