A Pair of Petite French Chairs with matching Ottoman {fabric redo}

I’ve had these two chairs and matching ottoman following me around dressed in white muslin for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember not having these chairs! I purchased them when I was a single girl living on West 12th Street from an antique dealer in Northern Michigan on one of my Summertime visits to Harbor Springs.When we lived on Greene Street, I had them in our kitchen for a while. As a matter of fact, I had fallen in love with a bourbon color mohair while working on an interior design project on Long Island. When the client didn’t want it on her ottoman, I had thought about trying to incorporate that fabric somewhere in my world. Even though the fabric as impossibly thick for the chairs – I couldn’t help but want to see something dressed in it! Well, it wasn’t meant to be. The chairs went into storage, and another single red chair took their place.
Since the trio moved to Northwest Connecticut, the two chairs lived out in the mudroom for a moment, and at another point all three pieces were in the fireplace room, but primarily they’ve resided in the library. Truth be told, when I sent them out to be worked on, I really had no idea where they were going to go in the long-run. Heck, I am still not sure where they will ultimately land!Hence, the ultra-neutral upholstery choice. To be honest, I felt I was under the gun to finish the house for the photo shoot that never was and pushed them out the door to be upholstered because I didn’t want them not to be done in time. Besides, after ten (plus!) years of dreaming about them in a finished state – a decision had to be made. Fact is, having thought about it long and hard since I sent them away to be reupholstered, I still would have covered them in a neutral fabric. Photo shoot, or not. The curves of the chairs are balanced out and -dare I say?- enhanced by the handsome, clean weave of the fabric and the dark wood finish. In the fabric we have a bit of texture which is good with the wood, but there is nothing here to distract the eye from some really nice looking lines.The fact remains that the neutral base can be livened up with a switch of a colorful scatter pillow and these chameleon chairs of mine will look good in any room I put them in from now…until…well into the future.