Fresh Recipes {Memorial Day Weekend Happenings: un-official start of Summer}

Even though the weatherman predicted gloomy grey for the entire weekend, we had plenty of sunshine to warm up the days. It turns out the Wisteria I was so worried about -it bloomed flowers before it grew leaves- was doing exactly as Mother Nature intended. I had no idea that Chinese Wisteria did that! And speaking of Mother Nature…We have a new resident right outside our library window – another lady bird started building a nest. She worked tirelessly for two days and it kept falling through the light fixture that she was building it in. Finally, I sent the Mr outside to poke her collection of leaves and twigs back up into the light – afterwards I could feel her sense of relief! She’s sitting pretty now. I can’t wait for our next group of babies to arrive.Most of our weekend was spent relaxing at The Country House. On Thursday I stock piled the fridge with organic vegetables and meat from my favorite grocery store up in Great Barrington. Every meal was planned around the grill and some sort of cool, crisp salad. I told the Mr that this would be the Summer we embrace outdoor meal preparation – and I meant it!On Sunday night we were guests at a party. I brought along a baby mozzarella and heirloom tomato salad recipe.Over the weekend we ate all our meals at home -with exception of the party that we attended- and I only managed to turn on the oven twice. Once was to roast asparagus, and the second time was to bake a few loaves of banana bread.On Friday night I made lamb burgers with homemade Tzatziki sauce. (I very loosely followed Kalyn’s recipe proportions.) I served our lamb burgers with a side of Greek Salad: I chop up peppers in three different colors, cucumber, celery, baby tomatoes and red onion. I add an entire can of jumbo pitted black olives, and a can of chick peas, rinsed. Right before serving I add crumbled feta and pickled beets to the mix. I allow my guests to dress the salad and add pepperoncini if they like. I almost always use the signature salad dressing recipe that I have shared with you a bladzillion times – however, we recently discovered the Greek Dressing by Four Brothers, and if I was thinking straight I would have used it in a heartbeat! It is truly delicious.One of my favorite things we did this weekend was rearrange the outdoor furniture. Now we have screened-in-dining room, outdoor dining at our picnic table, a place for relaxing on the patio, rocking chairs under the arbor and a Weber fire pit on the blue stone patio with a grouping of adirondack chairs. Next, I want to dream decorate the yard with a bocce ball court…and a pool! *wink*Images are my own from Instagram unless otherwise noted: Lime and Cucumber water is from Eco Chic Entertaining board on Pinterest via John Cullen. Outdoor picnics are from My Crazy Beautiful Life, Quill Inked on Tumblr.