Country House Update {Summer is here: it’s strawberry picking time!}

Over the last week, I have been hanging out close to The Country House to oversee our barn closet building project. On Sunday I packed up and headed into the City for the night. As we arrived in NYC, all at once the sun was shining and we were having the hardest downpour of rain I have ever seen. What a spectacular sight – there was a rainbow somewhere – I am certain of it!Despite the chilly and damp weather that we were having in New England on Monday, when I returned to the house there was a sure sign of Summertime waiting for me at the end of our road. We live next door to a berry farm and for the first time since late last Summer, the farmer had opened up the fields…strawberries are in season! Do you remember when I posted this EASY strawberry pie recipe? If not, check it out!First thing I did when I pulled in the driveway was to check the progress on the barn closets. They had been working for a few hours before I arrived, and in my past experience with contractors, you never know what you might find. I’ve had more than one guy paint himself into a corner when I wasn’t watching him like a hawk. Luckily, (after two years of searching) I think we’ve found ourselves a trustworthy builder.UPS has made a few deliveries that are making the house feel more finished. Our beautiful master bedroom bedding arrived from High Falls and the gold task lamps were delivered…both lamps were damaged by UPS…so we’re working on replacements this week. (Meanwhile, for kicks I put the broken ones on the table and I just adore our choice!) As for the bedding, I love the fabrics!So all is well in Northwestern Connecticut and I am headed back to New York City today. By the time I return, we should have steps into the attic of the barn and closet doors installed! Tomorrow I have a busy day. Thursday we depart for another trip to Knoxville. This time my sister-in-law is visiting from California, so we’ll all be hanging out together again. Two times in one year is a treat, let alone two visits in one season? Lucky us – I can’t wait!