Happy New Year {ABCD Designs Letterpress Holiday Greeting Cards}

ABCD-Designs-Letterpress-Holiday-CardEvery year I design a custom letterpress Happy New Year card to send to our friends, family and close ABCD Design contacts. With our new arrival, it seemed only fitting that we include him in this year’s greeting. When I showed the Mr what I had come up with he said “Oof! We’ve become those people. You know, the ones who only talk about their dog.” Well, hopefully there is more to us than our adorable puppy! This year however, Tauren is the focus.

Wishing-you-peace-and-prosperity-in-2013Looking at the design I came up with in 2009, (my/our worst year EVER up until 2012) I could have gone completely off the rails with this year’s design – but in the endTauren Poodle seemed like an opportunity to focus on what is good. And even though he had a big belly laugh from my card in ’09, my dad would have preferred to focus on the optimistic.Computer-Calligraphy-Mailing-Labels*the addresses in the images have been blurred out to protect privacy*