A New Year {part 2} thoughts on blogging after an extended break

ABCD-Design-blogging-breakPlease take note: on New Year’s Eve I posted part 1 – many of you who subscribe via email may have missed it due to the fact that feedburner e-mailed the ABCD Kitchen: What’s been cooking? post at the same time as A New Year: reflecting on the last few months. That feedburner flub wasn’t *exactly* how I planned my return to the blog-i-sphere!stepping-out-of-the-rat-raceThe biggest thing I realized from taking a step back from blogging: in the scheme of life, blogging really doesn’t matter. The internet goes on and there will always be someone else in line to blog, tweet and fb their heart out. With more and more blogs popping up and people “curating” the heck out of pinterest pictures – whether I post something on my site or not just doesn’t matter that much. It might matter if I were trying to get a book deal, pay my bills via sponsored posts or secure the next spot on HGTV’s Design Star, but I am not, I won’t and I don’t want that.December-Sunset-in-Northwest-ConnecticutNot only does the internet go on, but life goes on as well. If you aren’t paying attention it could be over in a flash. It became very clear to me when I was in the hospital with 107 fever and organs that were ceasing to function properly. Missed out, you say? Why was that? Busy…blogging and tweeting? Um, no thanks. My break from blogging has been a chance to think about what really matters.Gail-Ann-Dorsey's-50th-Birthdaycafe-lightssunsetAnd while I am being honest: in the end decorating, pretty things and arranging flowers don’t matter either. People and life experiences do! While I clearly had an understanding of that before, stepping away has driven the point home. It all seems quite frivolous when life is happening all around you and you’re missing out on it by trying to capture the perfect photograph.Christmas-Ornaments-in-a-BowlDon’t get me wrong…I feel it is good for the soul to surround yourself with a home that reflects your personality and style, to make it a place you love to come home to and that you appreciate, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if I share it with the world on my website. I’m going to keep putting together flower arrangements, trying new recipes, making art, and creating things regardless of whether I snap a photo of it or not. Fact is, this site isn’t paying the mortgage. Heck, it doesn’t make any money at all –by choice– that is just not my motivation for blogging.wet-leavesWhen I started writing my blog five years ago, there wasn’t such a thing as a “lifestyle” blogger. You were either a design blog, a personal blog, a mommy blog, a wedding blog…you get my drift. I was in the world of weddings at the time, but realized that brides only stick around reading for the amount of time they are engaged to be married. I wanted them to visit my site for the long haul, so I started writing about my life as a newlywed and all the topics that go with making my house a home. fingerling-potatoes-and-raspberriesIt is fun to document the pretty-making that happens around here. I get a huge amount of satisfaction when someone emails me to say they like my ideas or that they have been inspired and that something I have written has changed how they live in their home. It is why I blog – it feels good. Other times it fulfills a creative urge that isn’t getting satisfied in my day-to-day life. It does however take time away from my other creative endeavors –I’ve said this before– blogging is a catch 22, if you will.moments-in-life-pass-you-byWhat I have noticed is that design and lifestyle blogging (in general) has taken a turn to the commercial which doesn’t appeal to me. Maintaining credibility and authenticity in this world of sponsored bloggers has become a whole different ball of wax. Have you ever wondered why so many people blog about the same Madewell Sundress? Not because it is the best dress, but because Madewell pays high affiliate link rates. Bah! I keep asking myself – where has the authenticity in blogging gone?Dream-Boat-AnnieI am not the only person who has voiced my opinion on this – on ABCD Design, I have called for original content and voiced my opinion on blogging before – I am sure you’ve read lots of other posts recently with the same general theme. I can think of six right of the top of my head. If you click to read just one of these links, the first one so totally resonates with me. 1. Dream Boat Annie 2. The Way it Makes Me Feel 3. Self Promotion and Self Loathing in the Digital Age, 4. Save the Blogs, 5. The Re-birth of Slow Blogging, 6. The Blogging We DoKitchen-PapersNot to mention, I have realized that writing new posts every single day simply bury the older posts I wrote. With the design and lifestyle blog-i-sphere growing at warp speed, people can’t visit their old regular haunts on the internet as frequently. (Obviously, they’re to busy blogging, facebooking, tweeting, G+ing, Pinteresting, and trying to keep up with the Joneses.) I left my post up about CustomMade.com for all of November and December – when all the “editorial calendars” were in full holiday mode – and folks were still visiting my website and tweeting the post almost daily. It was almost as if I had written it just yesterday.dont-bury-your-old-blog-contentI am not going to stop writing the blog all together – in general, it is satisfying to keep a scrap book of recipes and projects I have made around our home. It also helps me to formulate and solidify my thoughts about design and my aesthetic. I will however continue to keep the topics I wrote about today in the forefront of my mind when new posts for 2013.