Master Bedroom with Ensuite {a home addition}

renovate-and-decorateOnce I feel I am all done with the house – I am ready to move on to the next project. Don’t get me wrong, I like so much about our home in Northwest Connecticut. I feel it is just the right size for us (I’d say it’s 1,000 sq ft on the main floor and about 850 sq ft upstairs.) But I keep thinking about what would make it better – more sellable. The biggest downside of the house is that there are just two bedrooms and that there is only one full bathroom. More and more, I’ve been dreaming about building a new master suite…Window-Seat-in-Master-SuiteCharlotte-Moss-Holiday-House-Master-SuiteWindow-Seatlove-my-poodlefireplaceWittus-Shaker-Stoveshaker-stoveAt this point, if we tried to sell our house we’d have to find people much like us to buy it. Folks without kids who want a weekend house less than two hours from New York City. As it remains, it is truly is a weekend house – I’ve told you about the closet issues time and time and time and time again. (I bet there are more posts, but I will save you – LOL!) Hopefully in the last two years I have made good strides towards our storage woes, but there is still room for improvement if it were to be a full-time house.custom-fitted-shoe-cabinetThe fact that the home only has two bedrooms is totally fine when it’s just us at the house. It’s when we have guests up from New York City for the weekend that certain shortfalls become clear to us. First off, the second bedroom is only big enough for an 8×10 rug and a full-sized bed. There is no closet. (Actually, the guest room would make an ideal master bedroom walk-in closet.) Secondly, it would be totally nice to have a private bath dedicated to our friend’s use. How the house stands currently is 100% fine, but it could be betterespecially for resale we were planning to do the glass breezeway project, we thought we’d turn the current barn into a guest house – complete with a full bathroom and sitting area. Since we can not build the breezeway (due to building codes) and can not add a bathroom off the current barn (because the type of foundation it’s on) we’ve started thinking about adding an addition off the main floor of our house, just to the right of the front door. To be honest, I’m not convinced we need any more space. I actually really do like the size of our home just the way it is.the-country-houseFor our personal use of the home -until we do sell it- I’d feel I would much rather spend the money on a garage-type structure that has attic storage and a workshop. In actuality, we’d likely get better use out of a multi-purpose space that worked as a garage/pool house/workshop/party barn.ABCD-Designs-Barn-Love-Pinterest-BoardHeck, if people want to come up for a weekend in the country – why couldn’t we put them in the party barn? Believe me, I am totally tempted to go this direction. Seriously, why are we thinking about building another master suite when we’re already completely happy with the one we have? Are we doing an addition to sell the house immediately? Unlikely. The real estate market isn’t very good up here in the woods. rustic-lodging-in-the-countryIf we’re going to spend our money wisely we really need to get another bedroom and bathroom added into the mix. It just isn’t realistic if it is not attached to the main house. They say a home renovation is good, but that a home addition will pay for itself time and time again. So let’s think: how would I decorate this new bedroom and master bath?galvanized-metal-rustic-wood-antique-brass-trough-sinkI think it would be really great if the entire upstairs of our house was a master suite. That would mean converting the current spare bedroom into a walk-in closet. The downside is that 1) the house would remain a two bedroom home if we did an extension that included a master suite downstairs. 2) the master bathroom upstairs is far too small to make sense as a true master bath. In the end, there is only room for one sink and a shower, and there is no way to renovate to include a bathtub in a design that would be worthy of the title master bath.Lexington-Brass-Restaurant-NYC-neutral-color-paletteWhile we could do two smaller bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom connecting them off the main level of the house, we’d still end up with an unsatisfactory sized master bathroom upstairs – and – when we went to sell the house most families would turn their nose up at having the kids sleep on the main floor while the parents were upstairs. What really makes the most sense is to build a master suite on the main floor and to leave the upstairs as is.our-extension-on-the-housemaking-changes-to-the-designIf we do this, we could have a walk in closet and lots of luxury amenities in the master bathroom. (Like two sinks and a free-standing tub.) It would make our home far more desirable to any future homeowner. We’d bring it up to a 3 bed two and a half bath. The kids would be upstairs, and the parents would be down. As a matter of fact (because of it’s length) the current master bedroom would look amazing with two queen sized beds in it.horizontal-shiplap-wood-wallsAs I stated before: I am not 100% convinced that this is the best move for us. I think we’d rarely make use of the upstairs fireplace room if our master bedroom was downstairs – however – we may be more likely to invite weekend house guests (and would be able to house more than one couple at a time or a set of parents and a kid or two) which would be a ton of fun. Tallon-Lumber-flooring-in-black-walnut-and-reclaimed-oakNeedless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of dream decorating with the furniture that we already own. By giving myself a clear idea of what this new extension on the house might look like, I may be able to convince myself this is a good idea. Because so far, the idea of adding another bathroom and more square footage to care for is a little overwhelming to me.environment-furniture-beam-dresserABCDs-Vintage-Poster-Collectionenvision-itMally-Skokcustom-bedding-and-window-coveringsImages: Pinterest Architecture Board via Jackson, Clements, Burrows,  Charlotte Moss’ Holiday House Master Suite via DEC-a-porter, Party Barn Images, Flooring: Tallon Lumber, Lexington Brass Restaurant, Walls: Cottage Nest, Finnish Farmhouse via NYTimes, Inspired Room, Beauty and the Bulldog, En-suite Master Bath: Bathroom Ensuite Pinterest BoardApartment TherapyDecorology, Dresser: Environment Furniture Bedroom Fabric: Mally Skok Design, Bed: De La Espada, Hepburn Bed