Master Bedroom Chandelier {Selecting Light Fixtures}

The Country House RenovationWhen we first started our renovation of The Country House in June of 2010, we combined the Master Bedroom with a child’s bedroom that was situated next door to the master. During that time, I was trying to get the biggest bang for our buck and wasn’t too concerned about what light I was going to hang in our room. At that time, I thought it would be best to repurpose a light fixture that the last owners had left behind.Master-Bedroom-Before-PhotosIt wasn’t a horrible fixture, but now that we’re settled in and I am nearly done decorating – it’s time to make a different choice for our bedroom. It is going to be so good to say bye-bye to the George Nelson Bubble Lamp that I believe is hung too high. (I used to have our four poster bed from the loft in our room.) The fixture is also far too small in scale for the now larger master bedroom that we created. Master-Bedroom-Design-Schemeshaker-modern-mountain-houseLast spring at the Architectural Digest Home Show I found the perfect chandelier for our (current) Master Bedroom. I am delighted to say that after months and months of dream decorating with it, I finally placed an order the Gothic Neo-Geo CH-135 from Olampia. They say it has a 4-6 week lead time – but my fingers are crossed that it might be ready sooner. Honest to goodness, I can’t wait for it to arrive!Neo-Geo-by-OlampiaAnd now that we are considering building an addition on our house, (of a second master bedroom) I have started looking around for just the right lighting fixture for that space too. I am very drawn to a simple ring shaped chandelier like the Mono Ring CH-119, also by Olampia. I think it will look great hanging in front of a wall full of our Vintage Posters, but won’t distract from them. Simplicity is going to be key when I pick out a fixture for that room.Olampia-NYCI also like the look of the Nicola, Dorset, Roark, and Colton from Circa Lighting. As I mention below, I am *this* close to being over Edison bulbs. Way back about ten years ago, I purchased a simple modern lamp with an Edison Bulb in it. I remember thinking “this is so unusual” but now they are totally common place. Don’t get me wrong -they have a fantastic look to them- but they have been used in what seems like every single restaurant renovation under the moon in the last five years.circa-lightingI have to admit, I just l-o-v-e the Nicola light fixture with brass star accents for a modern country house, don’t you?