Tulip Arrangements {flowers make you feel good}

tulipa-twig-table-cowhide-oushak-carpet-french-chairsI’ve gotten out of the habit of having fresh flowers at the house each week. Unfortunately, I did this without even realizing it – until last weekend when I picked up a few bunches of tulips for a friend that we were visiting in Knoxville. I tell you what, it felt really good to clean, cut, and arrange the flowers on her countertop. When I returned to the Northeast, I promptly picked up a few bunches of my own.Library-Tulip-Floral-ArrangementThere is no doubt that my mood over the last several months has been quite melancholy. It’s a chicken egg-thing, I suppose. Feeling low + stop doing things I love = feel even more in a funk than I was before. I’ve noticed my spirit lifts for a moment when I see them on the dining table. I wonder how I allowed myself to go such a long period of time without fresh flowers on the table tops?tulips-in-cello-from-the-grocery-storeAs a matter of fact, I enjoy them so much that I’m going to make an effort to remember them more often – no matter how heavy hearted I am feeling. It’s a step in the right direction anyway, right? Heck, I am starting to think that they should be a requirement on my grocery shopping list each week! Tulip-arrangement-in-crystal-rose-bowltulipsdining-room-flower-arrangementLittle-bits-of-beauty-a-glimpse-of-happiness