Mally Skok Design {fabrics hand-screened in Great Barrington MA}

ABCDDesigns-on-VineHave you heard of Vine? It’s a new app for your mobile device that allows you to create a six second video loop. In short: it’s like those animated GIFs you see on Tumblr, only they make it super easy to create them on your cell phone. Twitter just acquired Vine and it’s been all the rage in my social media channels the last few days. Needless to say, I signed in to claim my username, and thought I’d give it a go. I created my first Vine with the Mally Skok Fabric samples that I found in our postbox. (Check it out here!) I doubt I will use this as a regular form of content creation, but if you would like to follow along you can find me under the username ABCDdesigns.Mudroom-BenchNow that we have Vine covered, let’s move onto the topic of conversation. I asked Mally Skok to send me some samples in the hopes that I would find fabrics to use in our new master bedroom. A package arrived earlier this week, and man-oh-man I am in trouble – I found more soft furnishings in our house that “needed” her fabric than I could imagine! I always thought I would put dark brown bolster pillows on our mudroom bench -but now after playing around with the samples- I am particularly fond of Julia Double in Wheat on it. And upon further reflection, I think I’ll save Mewar in gold and green for our future master bedroom!Mally-Skok-Mudroom-Bolster-PillowsMoving onto the fireplace room: You may recall that our china hutch from the loft was too tall for our dining room ceiling at The Country House. This piece has been floating around from the spare bedroom (holding my sweaters) to the storage facility and now has landed back in the fireplace room. I love it there. It’s just the right size and scale. As you know, storage is one of the biggest faults with our house and I am always looking for a spot to hide things. I don’t need anymore items on display, so I want to create curtains for inside the cabinet. Once I do that, I’ll move my art supplies out of the barn and have them close at hand when working at the partner desk. For this, I want to use Mally’s ‘Dried Artichoke‘ from The Africa CollectionMally-Skok-artichoke-from-the-africa-collectionYou might notice that I have changed direction a bit in the fireplace room. Originally I had a pair of vintage sofas slated for that spot, but once we moved practically everything up from The City Apartment I couldn’t bear to see the chesterfield sofa sent away to storage. I already have pillows in the works made from the Vintage Crewel Fabric I found, and we recently had the 19th Century Etchings that we inherited from my mother-in-law framed and hung. All in all, that room is becoming what I originally had wanted…a mixture of neutrals ranging from white to cream to brown to black – remember waaaaay back in 2010 when I proclaimed it would be my color palette?
etchings-and-crewel-fabricsideboard-vintage-lamp-shandells-lampshade-bourbon-barfireplace-roommally-skok-fireplace-room-fabricLast but certainly not least: the new master bedroom addition. As you know, I plan to do bright white painted shiplap boards on the walls. The color will be brought in by our vintage poster collection. There is a lot of green and sunshine yellow flowing though the group of posters, and I intend to play that up in the bedding, upholstered pieces, and curtains (not that I need them, the house is so isolated out in the woods!) that I bring into the room.vladimir-kagan-style-club-chair-needlepoint-carpetMally-Skok-Master-Bedroom-FabricsI have featured Nichola and Samode above, and below we have Indian Stripe, Mewar, and Rohet Solid. I showed these to the Mister -and believe it or not- he is on board! I had to laugh when he texted me “I especially like the six legged pear design.” Haha! In this case, he can call it whatever he likes. I am glad he is as into them as I am!Mally-Skok-Master-Bedroom-Fabrics-2I love Mally Skok Designs because they are comfortable and lively. They coordinate but aren’t stuffy or too matchy-matchy. These fabrics are just the right mix of country and modern. Not to mention, they’re printed *right* up the road from us in Great Barrington, MA. (You’ve gotta love going local!) That being said, I feel that they are a perfect addition to our Shaker style, modern country house!