White Tulip Flower Arrangements for Valentine’s Day

White-Tulips-for-ValentinesTulips-are-hopefulWhite-Tulips-in-a-Mid-Century-Modern-Ceramic-VaseI think the biggest bummer about my lack of visits to New York City has been not being able to go to the wholesale flower market as often. You don’t realize how much you miss something until it’s not available to you! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it was slim-pickings at the grocery store and flower shops in the Northwest Corner this past weekend. There were plenty of red and pink flowers but not much else to pick from. In the end I was happy to select all white tulips – I think they look beautiful en masse. small-white-tulip-flower-arrangementBTW: the Orange-Red Tulips I had purchased the week before last stuck around for more than ten days – just with a simple water change and flower food every other day. On the evening before they finally puttered out, I happened to catch the last glimpse of sunlight of the day shining through the vase on our dining room table. It was quite a spectacular Swan song for them, don’t you think?orange-red-tulip-flower-arrangementOh, and last but not least: do you need a tutorial on how to throw together a cheap and cheery Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement? Click here!