{Still Crushing On} Greenish-Grey and Blue-Grey Kitchen Cabinets

coop-board-acceptanceWoop! Accepted by the board – finally. This means I can get more serious about our apartment renovation project! And now, I’d better move fast as the closing is scheduled for this Tuesday. Crazy, eh? Nothing happens for months and then full speed ahead! As you might recall, three years have passed by since I was trying to convince myself to not do black painted kitchen cabinets in The Country House. (Psssst! In the end I did them black.) It has also been three years since I wrote a post about how much I love the look of grey-green painted kitchen cabinets. Now, I guess it’s time for me to convince myself not to do white ones. Swedish-Kitchen-via-Style-Filestwo-different-colors-of-grey-cabinetsThe first kitchen featured in this post came into my consciousness just yesterday. I can’t believe how much loveliness they managed to create here. Standing alone, the grey cabinets with brass hardware is gorgeous. The pale yellow-green and grey-blue in the patterned floor compliments dark grey cabinetry and brass hardware. The warm wood tones are pitch perfect with the hits of brass throughout the kitchen. (BTW: I’ve been crushing on the combination of brass and wood over on Pinterest lately.) patterned-floor-tile,-brass-sink-fittings,-wood-toneBoth the pastel patterned floors and the white subway tile are super graphic in nature, and I feel they play off one another really well. They are a nice balance of masculine and feminine, hard lines and soft. The flooring is a pretty wild pattern, but the colors are subtle so it doesn’t overwhelm the room. The grey grout in the subway tile circles back to the cabinetry color – tying it up in a very pretty package.put-a-bow-on-itaga-6-4There are a ton of greenish grey and smoke-blue grey color kitchens that I could be happy with. Do to the itty-bitty size of the kitchen, I think my biggest concern is that the range/oven should be a non-contrast color to the cabinets. I suppose if I go this grey direction, stainless steel would be my color of choice. Seriously, that idea right there is practically a non-starter for me. I’ve been down the stainless steel path (the fingerprints make me insane!) and will do just about anything to avoid it again, including opting out of grey cabinets. grey-green-kitchen-cabinets-grey-blue-kitchen-cabinetsNeedless to say, I am still loving the look of greenish-grey or smokey blue-grey cabinets. Little does the Mr know, but the proof is in this post. I have certainly started to revisit my images of grey and green cabinetry as a possibility for the new apartment. It was after seeing that gorgeous lacquer bar area in the Christopher Peacock’s showroom that the idea of greyish green started weighing heavily on my mind again.Peacock-Home-CabinetryThis color is different enough that it isn’t trendy, and nondescript enough that it pretty much looks good with all the colors I put with it. In ways, it reminds me of my single girl apartment on West 12th Street – I painted all the main living areas in a pale avocado green called Castelton Mist. It was such a comforting and versatile color to live with. I was in that apartment seven years and never grew tired of the color.color-palette-for-the-abcdjewelboxI realize I am getting completely off point from grey-green cabinets here, but bear with me a minute. I almost fainted when I stumbled upon this kitchen below by Plain English. It was like my recent post about small colorful spaces and the post where I was hiding the TV, adding a dividing wall and the teal comeback I’ve noticed got together and had a baby. OMG! I love how the light wood floors are carried up onto the wall, and how the floating shelf and countertop on the island are the same tone of the floor. Teal-and-Coral-Kitchencoral-and-teal-on-white-washed-woodSince this isn’t going to be a high-traffic kitchen, I am totally into the idea of having butcher block or wood counter tops in the same wood tone as the flooring we select. And while white cabinetry might make the most sense in our (soon-to-be) tiny, windowless kitchen, I am on the fence about doing yet another white kitchen in New York City. I know white is bright, cheery, and will open up the space, but it seems too predictable without investigating other options first. I am full of contradictions at this point because in one breath I say white cabinets are “ho-hum, yawn” and then I see an image like the one below and think “Wow!! So beautiful.”white-kitchen-with-brass-hardwareStainless-Steel-Kitchen-Cabinets-Green-Kitchen-CabinetsabcdjewelboxI should tell you now, the Mr is completely against putting in anything other than white cabinetry. It’s totally my fault as I planted that seed early on. He says that he really wants the apartment to have a Gustavian grey-blue feel about it. If that is what he wants, I feel we should consider embracing that blue-grey color for our woodwork and cabinetry. (Um, hello? The first handful of photos in this post!!) I am totally for the idea of it in theory – but in all honesty – I am not sure it’s the right fit for the apartment. Heck, if we’re going to go for a whole Swedish vibe…show me the Liljevalch sofa in that space! Swedish-SofaI’m pretty sure it will be a challenge for me to get him to see the light…or shall I say “see the color?” I am going to have to come up with some very good ideas if I am going to get him to move from his white cabinetry conviction. Perhaps I can guide him away with these images of pale blue and grey kitchens…Two-Tone-Cabinetrylots-of-ways-to-go-besides-whiteImages: Plain English Design kitchens via Remodelista, Wood Floors at Christopher Peacock, Lee Jofa Nympheus Fabric, Stray Dog Studio, Paint Chips Benjamin Moore Historical Color PaletteRemodelista, House Beautiful; 26 Shades of GrayAJC Home Finder, A Well Dressed Home, Cozy Stylish Chic, Nordic Leaves, Style-Files, Lovely Life