{Colorful Tabletop Shopping} Waterford Crystal Mixology Collection

colorful-crystal-champagne-glassesBeing a person who tends to talk with her hands a bit, I have made it no secret that I love drinking my daily glass (or two!) of red from a Waterford ‘Roly Poly’ glass. Truth be told, it is better for everyone if I don’t have a stem! When I stumbled upon these beauties -known as the Waterford Mixology Collection I definitely started justifying their purchase. They’d be perfect for the #ABCDJewelBox, don’t you think?colorful-crystal-stemless-old-fashioned-glassesIn actuality, I am sure I could scrounge together plenty of glasses at The Country House to fill the cabinets in our tiny City apartment. But they certainly wouldn’t look as beautiful as these, now would they? And wouldn’t you know, I totally love the colorful tumblers and coupe champagne glasses as well! It might be high time we to move to a home that has a proper butler’s pantry to support my crystal addiction…The-Waterford-Mixology-Collection