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Mar 10th 2010 What’s on? DIFFA’s Cocktails and Dining By Design

ATTN NYC! DIFFA’s Cocktails By Design will take place on Thursday, March 18th at 6pm. You can still purchase tickets to indulge in a feast for the eyes, body and heart. By attending this cocktail party, you’ll be one of the lucky first few people to oohhh and ahhh over the most dynamic tablescapes of 2010. Not to mention, you’ll have the opportunity to mix and mingle with the designers who created these gorgeous displays!

I can’t even begin to explain how flattered I am that the New York Design Center asked me to get involved! I’ll be at the NYDC “Connected” table on Friday the 19th after 3pm. They’re giving me a laptop and asked that I “live tweet” and share my blog with the visitors that pass by. How cool is that?

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Sep 23rd 2010 Life: It’s good news all around!

I had a wonderful phone conversation with @tkpleslie this morning. She wanted to thank me personally for writing a post about Project U Design, to recap our first meeting (in real life) at the Rue Magazine launch, and to speak about the “fun” we had at the Nate Berkus Show. Leslie told me some very exciting news. They’ll be featuring the blog posts that are written about the Sustainable Wing Chair Contest in the Century Showroom at Highpoint next month!{Click to visit Maybelline Te’s post on Project U Design}

The blog post images, names and links of design bloggers who write about the contest will loop on a flat panel TV screen in the Project U Design area (next to the front door of the Century Showroom) during the entire 5 days of Highpoint Market ~ Seriously? How cool is that? ABCD Design will appear as one of the featured blogs! I.Am.Beside.Myself!{Click to visit Wanda S. Horton’s post on Project U Design}

Hey, guess what? Remember last week when I asked you to spread the word about sustainable design? It’s not too late ~ you too can write a post and gain invaluable exposure for your design blog at Highpoint Market in October. If you have any fact checking questions, please email Leslie Carothers.I know people were sad that he didn’t give a wink and a nod to all the tweets, blog posts, and facebook impressions that we gave him in a public forum. But when you think about it, Nate’s gift to us was that he created a reason that would pull all of us design bloggers and tweeters together into one City for a few days. And that opportunity was priceless.As for last night, What’s New? What’s Next was a huge success! Several months ago, (when I took part in Dining by Design) I met Petra Boykoff – a New York City based interior designer. That afternoon, I talked to her about being connected on Twitter and about the glorious world of blogging. To my delight, I saw her again last night at What’s New? What’s Next. Since our conversation, Petra has joined Twitter @PrettyLGreen, and started a wonderful eco-friendly design blog called Pretty Little Green Things. Wouldn’t it be fab to see her blog about Project U Design?Yet again, I had way too much fun catching up with my Twitter buddies in real life. I don’t know if I can explain to you how wonderful and enriching an experience it is to make these incredible connections with such creative people…I have spoken to you on multiple occasions about interior designer Jonathan Legate and his ‘Live With What You Love’ mentality. That’s him in the center, right behind me. To the left of the photo, food photographer extraordinaire William Brinson, next (to the right of me) is the amazing shop keeper and soft home furnishings designer Michele Varian – be on the look out for a {Do you know?} post about her tomorrow! Next we see Art Director Susan Brinson, and to the far right, textile artist Love, Daniella.I know, I know! While it might not be a cool accessory ~ I was keeping cool with my trusty hand-fan. Since when is it nearly 90 degrees at the end of September? Ugh! (You can feel free to check out all the photos at Guest of a Guest.){Click here to get your Survival of the Hippest Twitter Handle Name Plate Necklace}

One of my favorite exhibits I saw at What’s New? What’s Next was by Red Spruce hand-hooked rugs. These carpets adhere to the craftsman’s ideal. Each 1ft square piece takes about 8 hours of handiwork to complete. The wool is all dyed and over-dyed to create the most rich, lovely color in the carpets. These pieces are made with pure integrity and are produced to honor Nova Scotia’s existing rug hooking tradition. Please read the Red Spruce Manifesto ~ afterwards, I think you will love them as much as I do! Talk about embracing the slow home movement, right?
I am delighted to say during my time as one of The New Curators in the Aqua Creations Gallery that I was able to make yet another win for social media! This morning, Bonnie Lasek, the Aqua Creations Vice President of Sales and Project Management joined Twitter! You can follow the beautiful showroom that I tweeted from yesterday @AquaCreationsUS.Since this week proved to be social media interior design week, I would like to end today’s post with a Twitter Tale that talks about authenticity, making connections and the story of how an interior design photo shoot came to be. Please visit Cynthia’s blog Exuberant Home.

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Mar 22nd 2010 2010 Dining By Design

Incredible, right? Cocktails by Design was a wonderfully fun party and Guest of a Guest managed to document it beautifully! Pop by Guest of a Guest to see all the party guests and the fun we had.

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Mar 19th 2010 Dining by Design – So divine!

Okay, so I hadn’t planned on doing another blog post about Dining by Design until I I’d finished my “blogging and tweeting” at the NYDC’s Connected table this afternoon, but oh-my-goodness-me! Cocktails by Design may have been one of the most fabulous events I have ever been to. Now that’s saying something – I have been to a lot of events. The skinny: Designers put together a tablescape in their designated spot. They provide the entire atmosphere – from walls/room dividers to furniture and mood lighting. Many designers are teamed up with a vendor. For instance, Vicente Wolf partnered with Artistic Tile to create an atmosphere. The entire floor and table was built out of gold tile.The designers carry the design of the room onto the tabletop. No holds barred – the theme of the space created is carried into the linens, flowers, dishes, candles, crystal – basically all the tabletop fixings that a girl who grew up with the last name Cupp could ask for! Can someone say feast for the eyes? Seriously, I am without a doubt a die hard tabletop person = my heaven!Not to mention, you should have seen the crowd at this charity event… puuuullease! I had the wonderful opportunity to rub elbows with interior designers I could only dream about meeting. I will most certainly do a complete review of the event after I snap more photos and finish tweeting from the NYDC Connected Table this afternoon.

If you’re not on Twitter and you want to get involved, ask questions, or interact this afternoon – or anytime for that matter!email me or submit your design and social media questions via formspring.

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Mar 16th 2010 What’s on? {updates and reminders}

Just a little reminder! You can still buy tickets to The Maximalists screening of Handmade Nation scheduled for April 10, 2010. We’ll have a matinee screening followed up by a creative networking cocktail hour. We’d be delighted to see you bring a sample of what you make, design or craft.
Did you see this list of design bloggers? How excited am I that the NYDC has asked little ole ABCD to take part? Like I said, I will be there Friday the 19th after 3pm – please stop by and introduce yourself! You can get your tickets to Dining by Design through the Architectural Digest Home Show website. $25 gets you into all three shows! AD Home Design Show, Dining By Design, and the Go Green Expo. If you don’t live in or around the City, live vicariously through me by tweeting with me on Friday afternoon!
And, if you’re looking for something different to do on Saturday night, my friends Maggie Moore (Do you recognize her from HGTV’s Selling New York adverts?) and Gail Ann Dorsey are performing at the 92Y in Tribeca on Saturday, March 20th at 9pm. I have seen the Chanteuse Club shows in the past ~ they’re wonderfully entertaining. Saturday night is sure to be quite a show! You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

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