Glass Breezeway Project {the drawings are in!}

The glass breezeway project drawings are in! We’ve sent them out to a few contractors and are waiting on estimates for the project. I wanted to jump up and down when I saw the drawings, but there are still changes that I want to make. Below you’ll see what I want to do…First of all, I want to center the door going into the barn. Second: The two red squares on the right side of the drawing are closets that would open out into the glass breezeway. I feel we’re missing out on essential closet space by doing glass on both sides of the breezeway and this is the perfect spot to steal a bit of hanging space. For the closets, I intend to either do three panel Shaker style wood doors (possibly with antiqued mirror insets!) or large-scale beadboard doors with wood knobs. Eitherway, they’d fade into the woodwork and make the room all about the big, glass breezeway view! Sarah’s HouseRoyal Woodshop

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