A Crossbuck Fence and Barn-Style Garage {Exterior Color Palette}

Fence-at-the-New-Old-Stone-HouseWe’ve gone around and around entertaining different fence styles and the look we want to achieve at the New Old Stone House. Every time we look at a new style, we circle back to the Crossbuck. We asked the fence company to deliver a mock up portion of the Five Bar Crossbuck Fence to our property so we could see the scale and how it relates to our property. Last night we visited the house to take a look-see. (As I mentioned last week, we’ll be staining our fence nearly black.)Barn-Style-Garage-PlanNeither of us really understand how the creamy color siding on the extension relates to the stone portion of the house. The question always has been - when we paint, what color does it become? I definitely want to pull from the color of the stone in the original portion of the house. (When they built the addition in 2005 they used a more purple hue rock along the foundation – which I find less desirable.) I have long admired a set of carriage house style barns that sit on a property not far from the Country House. Every time I pass by I slow down to take them in. So naturally, they came to mind as inspiration for the barn style garage and the extension off the back of the house. Black-Carriage-House-with-Cream-Corner-Boards-and-WindowsOnly, there is one problem with this idea. I mentioned in a previous post that we love, l-o-v-e, LOVE our black window frames at The Country House and really don’t want to leave them behind. Then the question becomes how do we get this look but stay true to the original inspiration? Should we embrace cream color corner boards and window sashes, or would it look ok to have a nearly black house with black trim, window sashes and corner boards?Black-House-via-GardenistaThe house in this image is painted Black Forest Green, a Benjamin Moore color that has now been discontinued. (It still remains in their color palette books and can be mixed as a custom color.) Funnily enough, when I found the image above, we had already decided to paint our front door a grey-yellow-green color called ‘Great Barrington Green’ to coordinate with the sundial that sits over the front door. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the same color used on the peaks to the top left and center of the photo above.Stone-house-with-a-Yellow-Door-and-Climbing-Rosesnew-old-stone-house-front-doorWhite-gets-painted-BlackNew-Old-Stone-HouseOur-new-house-painted-nearly-blackI feel like we’re headed down the right path even though our builder and architect look at us with great concern every time the color palette comes up! I’m meeting with the architect again on Wednesday to go through my ideas for the kitchen, butler’s pantry and to see the second version of the barn style garage. Fingers crossed the barn plans will be ready to go before the Historic Board for approval soon. We’d love to get the foundation poured before the ground freezes!Autumn-in-Northwest-ConnecticutIf the images in today’s post are not my own, they can be found on my Old Stone House Pinterest board.