{Springtime Tablescape} a Citrus Color Palette and a Simple Luncheon Menu

Hand-Tied-Roses-with-Green-TrickCreature-ComfortsI absolutely love frequenting the Cheesemonger in Great Barrington. No store quite compares to the selection and the variety I find at Rubiner’s from week to week. Last week they had me taste something called ‘The Royal Ham’ and truly, I have never tasted ham any better. I brought some home and fried it into egg and cheese sandwiches each morning – YUM! (It was equally as good on an appetizer plate too.) Not to mention, I am completely addicted to their marinated feta. I swear we go through a good size container of it once a week! I am going to have to buy it in bulk once we move to the New Old Stone House completely. Flower-Arrangement-Pomegranite-linen-napkinsAnd then there is Guido’s! This market is the equivalent to what Whole Foods was when it first really came on the scene over twenty years ago. Mom + Pop, organic, much of it is local, the meat is grass-fed and hormone free. It is such a pleasant atmosphere. And, it is so easy to shop – I never fill my cart half way with “organic” produce only to find that I had picked up the conventional version – like I do practically every time I shop at Whole Foods. (Am I the only one who does this?) Guido’s also has a fantastic selection of wine, so I am not forced to make multiple stops once my car is full of perishables. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find wine and groceries in the same store around here!Citrus-Inspired-Color-PaletteNeedless to say, I am going to miss the Northwest Corner when it finally comes time that we sell our house! Not only will I miss the groceries, but I will miss our property. The light in the house is exceptional. The high ceilings feel so good after being in the new house. (Not that I don’t like the New Old Stone House, it is just a completely different animal.) The deer free yard in NWCT is also a plus. That is thanks to the fact we live next door to a fruit and berry farm – who knew? They look at my tulips like they are chopped liver. I never realized how easy my garden had it until we got to the Palisades and all our neighbors are talking about how the deer eat absolutely every flower they plant! Spring-TablescapeSo, this was lunch last Saturday afternoon. I dipped into the ABCDdesign archives and made the Spinach and Orzo Salad Recipe that I told you about early last Spring. I love this salad because the leftovers keep for a few days in the fridge. I made roasted Niman Ranch boneless pork chops on the side. They were prepared simply: sprinkled in garlic salt and browned them on the stove top for about 3-5 minutes each side. Then I put them in a 425 degree oven for 25 minutes – truth be told next time I will only roast them for 20 minutes, as they could have been a scosche juicier.
Simple-Easy-Delicious-Luncheon-MenuHand-Tied-Flower-Arrangement-in-a-Crystal-Rose-BowlChina: Urbino Dinnerware Flatware: Astier De Villatte Gold Titanium Placesetting Linen Napkins: Lexington Garden Club pattern by Pomegranate Placemats: Holly Stuart Flowers: Green Trick and Circus Roses Crystal Rose Bowl: Tiffany