{New Old Stone House} Breakfast Room Layout


As you know, we are transporting the farm table from The Country House Dining Room to the middle of our brand new kitchen to create a country kitchen-style dining experience. You’ve seen enough of our Country House to know we don’t own a dining set. Also from what you have seen, you know we are not exactly the kind of folks who decorate with any kind of furniture “set.” Our style just isn’t that formal. When we have a dinner party I’ll set the farm table in the kitchen – dinner guests like to hang out with the chef anyway, don’t they?


I may have mentioned this before, but the New Old Stone House was built for a single woman during the last few years of The Great Depression. None of the rooms are exceedingly large. The dining room (AKA: Breakfast Room from this point forward) is no exception to this rule. At 15ft 2in by 11ft 8in – it is not a large room. I am sure you know by now how much I love a cushy, pillow-covered climb in with your morning coffee and never leave kind of space, so I intend to use the ticking stripe dining banquette to set the overall tone for our Breakfast Room.


Wow, that silly Zebra pillow took me on a tangent! Back to the Breakfast Room: converting the formal dining room into a Breakfast Room makes sense because both the coffee station and bourbon bar are located in the Super Pantry. The only entrance to the pantry is through the Breakfast Room. I had the option to blow through the wall of the new kitchen to the pantry, but I would lose precious cabinet space on both walls. Taking a few extra steps is worth the extra cabinet space to me. Besides, once the screened-in-porch is added, just look at that circular flow that we’ll have for half of the year – YAY - you know how I love my screened-in-porch!

New-Old-Stone-House-Floor-Plan Mally-Skok-Design-Fabric-Lined-Cupboard

The Breakfast Room area will be equally as comfortable in the evening with a cocktail -or- for a more casual dinner. I intend to always keep candlesticks with beeswax tapers and a fresh flower arrangement on the table. This will bring in an ever-changing splash of color to this no-color Breakfast Room. Depending upon the season, day -or- my mood I can use the glass top which will show off the textiles on the banquette, or I can throw a tablecloth or textile topper over the whole thing for a more layered, luxurious look.



The front entry foyer shares the West wall of the Breakfast Room. When you stand in that door you see a small portion of the North wall, but the primary focus is the East wall which is host two original built-in corner cabinets. On the South wall there are two windows which look out to the front yard of the house. The North wall of the Breakfast Room has two doors. One leads to the new kitchen – which was the 2005 living room extension off the back of the stone portion of the house - and the other leads to the old galley kitchen which I now refer to as the Super Pantry. Got it? Ok. Phew!


Did you notice most of these Breakfast Room photos have an ‘L’ shaped banquette in them? Sadly, our room doesn’t call for an ‘L.’ No worries though, I have a vintage Hollywood Regency up-cycle to use – I am relieved we can make it work in this house! It is my intention to place the ticking stripe banquette between the two corner cabinets on the East wall. I also just inherited the most delectable glass top foyer table from my mom that will sit in front of the banquette. This furniture arrangement will provide the best view of whatever I have displayed on the table from the main foyer.


I also purchased three Ivory Ceramic Japanese Garden Stools from Joan Rivers’ Connecticut estate early last year. They lived outdoors all last Summer at the Country House, but I am considering bringing them inside and using them as occasional tables, or stools in a pinch. They’d sit – not dissimilar both in placement and scale – to the red stools you see in the photo above. Bergere’s like these green ones -also above- are so comfortable you could sit in one all day without having to adjust your position. BUT I am trying to work with what I have instead of buying more furniture.


I have those hand-painted black Hepplewhite beauties that would look fabulous, our Thomas Moser chairs – or – perhaps I will go with something low flung and a even more comfy like the leather club chairs that currently flank the fireplace at The Country House? At this point it is a toss up for me. Truth be told, I’m not completely familiar with the dimensions of my new hand-me-down foyer table, so I’ll have to wait until it is delivered to actually see what option looks best.

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