At Home with Art Historian John Richardson

T-Magazine-John-Richardson-profile“Some people say to me: ‘Oh John, how could you put something so hideous in front of your house!’ But they don’t understand that bad taste is an essential ingredient in the pudding. It takes the curse off ghastly good taste.” After reading that, I remembered back to the late 1990s when I worked for Linda Dresner. (BTW: the WSJ recently called her “an aesthetic maverick.”) Linda had a similar approach to fashion and putting a look together as John Richardson does to his home decor. There was always one element -in the pudding so to speak- that would take an ensemble to the next level.  Traditional-Interior-DesignABCD-green-crushI love how his style is clearly an amagamalation of items he has collected throughout the years. It may not be your (or my) personal style, but this house flows. While being pleasing to the eye, it also feels like a home that someone actually lives in. It is purely, deeply a reflection of his aesthetic, and I can really appreciate it for that reason alone. It reminds me of Josef Frank’s interior design philosophy, Accidentalism. (Be sure to watch the all too quick 2 minute video!) Gosh, what a house!color-artwork-architectural-mouldings-pouf-upholsteryThe photos and video are from T Magazine who recently wrote a piece on John Richardson’s home in Connecticut.