Holiday Decorating and the House Renovation Begin!

Handstitched-Snowman-OrnamentYou remember last week when I was feeling sort of low, right? Working on a complete historic home renovation while trying to keep The Country House picture perfect for real estate showings during the Holiday Season is likely contributing to the pressure looming over my head. I really want to enjoy what may be our last Christmas season in The Country House. I have felt torn about what and how much to decorate. Over this past weekend it became very clear to me that I wasn’t going to feel very ‘holiday like’ until I had at least a few decorations out on the tabletops.Winter-Garden-Arrangements-for-ContainersHouse-ShowingsChristmas-Decorations-under-a-Glass-DomeMaximalistOver-the-top-Holiday-Decorations Christmas-Decorations-At-ABCDs-HouseGreenery-and-Holiday-DecorationsIt was pouring rain on Saturday afternoon, so we decided to forego our annual trip down the mountain to our town Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Instead, I packed away the Lady Liberty Collection and got out every last snow globe that I own. Suddenly, things were looking up! I could stop with the snow globes alone as the collection has grown to an impressive number, but I think I will add some greenery and lights to liven it up.SnowGlobesVintage-Christmas-OrnamentsMagnolia-and-Greenery-in-a-Painted-Metal-ContainerWinter-Solstice-PartyABCD-Design-St-Lucia-PartyI sent out digital invites for our annual Winter Solstice Party this past Sunday evening. Et voilà! The Christmas Season has arrived at the Dragoo household, albeit a bit later than usual. I am in the City tending to the New Old Stone House renovation this week. Next week, I’ll retreat to Connecticut and bake cookies morning, noon and night – providing there isn’t any house renovation drama I need to be present for…

make-hanging-votives-all-different-for-a-rustic-look-1Mercury-Glass-Votive-Tutorialhanging-mercury-glass-candle-votivesI met with Hunt Country Furniture last Thursday at the New Old Stone House. (They are the folks responsible for building the Kitchen and Pantry cabinets at The Country House.) I loved working with Hunt not only because they gave me a high quality, locally made set of custom cabinets, but they also listened to exactly what I wanted and delivered them with-in budget and on time. What could be better?
Deck-the-Halls-and-the-KitchenI was able to walk into the barn where they dry the wood, stand in the factory where the cabinets are made and meet the craftsmen who built them. (If they let me, I should write about the process with this renovation!) Last week I walked them through the design of each and every wall in both the New Kitchen and the Super Pantry – they measured every nook and cranny. We should have the 3-D plans on paper in the next week or so. YAY!ABCDdesign-Black-KitchenBlack-Kitchen-at-ChristmasBlack-Kitchen-with-Christmas-RopingAs I mentioned in the title of this post, demolition has started at The New Old Stone House. The walk-in closet in the new kitchen has been taken out. We will replace that with an L-shaped bank of Hunt Country coat lockers and an integrated refrigerator. When I arrived at the house today, the Butler Pantry had been practically stripped clean and the old cabinets were lined up neatly in the new kitchen space.Old-Stone-House-RenovationDemolition-at-the-New-Old-Stone-HouseAs you see, the pine floors have been pulled up and they are waiting for their new job. (I hate for anything of good quality to go to waste, and will do my best to repurpose it elsewhere.) I would like to clad the ceiling on the screened-in porch with them – providing our plans get approved. (If the Historic Board says ok, I’ll paint the ceiling pale blue, Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore to be exact.) And speaking of blue, I asked the Mr for 100 Nikko Blue Hydrangea shrubs as my Christmas present!

Congratulations-on-your-new-houseCoOp-approval-process-take-3We will place the Hydrangea behind the stone wall, but in front of the Black Crossbuck Fence. During Summer, the color will pick up on the blue in our slate roof. It’s going to be beyond beautiful! I am holding my breath until it happens though. A bunch of different times this weekend the Mr said “What did you say you want again? 100 Japanese Red Maples?” Yikes! I may have to put the Hydrangea on my wish list for Santa instead. *wink*

Nikko-Blue-Hydrangea-and-a-Black-FenceBeautiful-Slate-RoofAnd speaking of the fence, we plan to run electric to it for lamp posts and (more importantly) outdoor electric plugs so that I can decorate the fence with roping and Christmas lights next year without having miles of unsightly extension cords running back to the house. What a wonderful thing that will be. Wheeeee!Fence-wtih-Christmas-RopingPinterest-Black-Fence-in-Snow