{Let’s Go Shopping} Wisteria Picks

Homemade-Gazpacho-RecipeIt was a hot Summer night on the screened in porch last night. What’s a better thing to do than flip through catalogs with a glass of Rosé or a mug of chilled Gazpacho? (Truth be told, I did both. I just love sitting on the screened in porch!) Laptop real estate shopping on Trulia runs a close second place for porch activities – I am completely addicted. Anyway, it’s been a while since I have given Wisteria a serious look-see. I was pleasantly surprised to find there are plenty of items I’d pick up in a heartbeat to dream decorate my new *virtual* home.The-Country-HouseThe-Country-House-being-paintedGarden! I adore these beehive pots for garden hose storage. I currently have copper pots that don’t have lids or drainage holes in the bottom. Sadly, there is all sorts of muck collecting at the bottom of the containers and the hose is covered in said “muck.” I totally loathe touching the hoses because of it and always worry that a frog is going to come leaping out of the bucket when I remove the hose. (Frogs in my book are only cute/tolerable from a distance.)Beehive-Garden-Hose-PotI think that these antiqued, folding garden tables are fantastic too. They come in a larger sized ivory or a slightly smaller green version. (I bet you can guess which one I like!) Obviously, I find the green so totally charming and it fits in with my new color obsession perfectly. *wink* My mom has a similar one that she serves appetizers off of on her porch overlooking Lake Michigan – I’d love to have a fold away table like this too!Ivory-Antiqued-Folding-TableAntiqued-Green-Folding-TableGreen-Distressed-Iron-Folding-TableMirrors! Sunburst, grid, modern/minimalist circle…you name it and they have it. Brass = LOVE. Seriously folks, I am not over brass yet. Still, after all these years (I wrote a post about crushing on brass in 2008!) it looks good to me. I’d love to see a grouping of three French Panel Mirrors hanging over a sofa reflecting windows or doorway opposite them. See what I mean?living-room-layoutI recently saw a collection of vintage sunburst mirrors that totally has me envisioning an entire wall covered in them. You know me, I really like repetition – and the idea of sunbursts all over an entire wall makes me smile ear-to-ear. Do you like this look, or are they played out in the blog world? (I am blissfully unaware as I have almost all but stopped looking at blogs – ironic since a sort of write this one on occasion – but I felt like everywhere I looked I was seeing the same thing, so I am consciously abstaining from most.) starburst-mirror-sunburst-mirror-collectionsunburst-mirror-wisteria-onlineTables! A Seagrass ottoman, perhaps? (I love the look of this but I see it has a bad review – wah!) If it’s all it is cracked up to be, what a great way to bring a natural texture into a room. And this acrylic trunk? I’d put a magazine collection, gorgeous stacks of vintage textiles or yarn in them and use it as a nightstand next to a low modern platform bed. This simple Banswara Marble side table would be at home in any setting, traditional or modern. Tables-from-WisteriaI love these minimalist glass tables that are similar to the one we have in our fireplace room – whether it is a simple desk, a side table or a console table – they have a simple perfection that would adapt to any home decor scheme. I am seriously thinking about getting one for our library and moving the brass bar cart into the kitchen area.

Minimalist-Glass-TableCity Apartment! I am not thrilled about having a ton of shoes out (you can only wear one pair at a time, you know?) but like it or not they tend to pile up at the front door anyway. I am loving the idea of stacking shoes upon this Rolling Industrial Shelf. (I measured the Mister’s shoes, and they’ll fit just fine!) Alternatively, this modern-rustic Open Frame Hall Tree Bench has the Brooklyn Heights Apartment written all over it.Industrial-Rolling-Rack-Hall-TreeI don’t want to go too hog-wild picking out any new furniture that is solely going to work in Brooklyn Heights. While I love the space and the neighborhood (and just about everything about it!) my goal would be to combine our two places into one that the Mr could come home to every night. As you know, this back and forth between two homes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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{Interior Design Obsession} Green

I realize it was only St. Patrick’s day when I last wrote about decorating with green, and several of the images are the same. It just goes to show I have been ruminating on them a lot! Images: Invisible Green by Pots Of Paint, Niman Marcus Cosabella, Emerald Green Acrylic Tumblers, Michael Kors iPhone Case, Mitchell Gold […]

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4th of July {Lookbook}

Early last week I had Nicole from Sketch42Blog up to The Country House for a little pretty-making, photo taking and antiquing. She spends her Summers near the ocean, so from what she tells me it was a fun little getaway to see what “country living” in the Northwest Corner can be like.Nicole truly has her […]

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#WITS2014 {What’s on?} A Virtual Wine Tasting

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Strawberry Dessert Recipe Round-Up {Picking Today}

Our house is located right next door to a fruit and berry orchard. There are many reasons why this is a stellar location for a house (for one, the deer and bunnies hang out where there are endless snacks and never bother with our tulips) but my very favorite reason is that from mid-June to […]

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