Submissions and Inquiries {the fine print}

At ABCD Design, milestones in life set the tone. ABCD is always scouring the web, shops in NYC and everywhere she travels to find new vendors, artisans, stores and items to write a post about. Amy is constantly on the lookout for cool new lifestyle-related products, inspirational entertaining and decor ideas, little details that make the difference, beautiful interior design, recipes and all the things that inspire a life well-lived.

ABCD Design does not offer sponsored posts and does not sell advertising. Amy believes this is the only way she can offer a fully-authentic, trustworthy design and lifestyle aesthetic to the readers of this sketch book. These posts are Amy’s personal opinion and should not be considered factual. If there are facts online that support her opinion – she will make every effort to link to that fact.

ABCD Design will happily accept e-mail idea submissions from anyone who thinks she might like to know about a product or service that they provide. ABCD Design can not guarantee that she will write a blog post about your product. ABCD has to genuinely be excited to write about it and it must be something that Amy can see utilizing in her own life.

ABCD is about celebrating the little details that go into creating a lovely home. If you are setting up house and are obsessed with the creative energy that goes into designing a life surrounded in beauty – ABCD would ADORE hearing from you – because at the end of the day, she thrives on the things that make home a better place to be. Please send all correspondence to: abcd[at]abcddesign[dot]com …Please play nice! Here is the deal straight from ABCD…

1) I started this blog as a place to post the current projects I am working on with brides and other Bespoke Stationery clients. Inevidably, given my experience in event management, floral design, and styling, clients would ask for my advice and opinion on different aspects of the events they were planning. One thing led to the next and I started posting things in my life that I find interesting, vendors that I have found, recipes I love, and other items I think might be interesting to brides, potential clients, and people who appreciate the finer things in life.

2) This is meant to be a digital sketch book. I am not a professional writer. I never claimed to be.

3) I want to spend my time creating a beautiful life at home and designs for my clients – that is that. When it comes to comments on the blog or social media websites, please refrain from being mean spirited! I try to keep this an optimistic spot full of things I find inspiring.

4) If you have a question or inquiry about my work or something I have posted, please feel free to e-mail me. I would love to hear from you! My e-mail address is abcd[at]abcddesign[dot]com

5) If you don’t like how I write and you are e-mailing me in the middle of the night to correct my grammar, criticize me and say nasty things – I can do without it, thanks. If that is your idea of entertainment, please move on to the next blog and leave mine alone.

6) Photographs displayed on ABCD Design are given proper credit wherever possible; in cases where credit cannot easily be found, the images are believed to be readily available in the public domain and are used under protection of the US. Copyright Fair Use Act. If I have posted a copyrighted photo of yours and you would like me to remove it, please send an email to abcd[at]abcddesign[dot]com. Thanks!